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N1 Lesson 2: 1/17


You are not ~ so..., it isn't ~ so...


Noun + じゃある(1) + まい
Verb + + じゃある(1) + まい
Verb + わけ + じゃある(1) + まい

(1) ではあるでもある


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About じゃあるまいし

じゃ or ではあるまいし is an expression which can be translated in a similar way to 'it is not (A), so it is not (B)', or 'you are not (A), so you can't (B)', and is often used for criticism of something acting in a way that is not befitting of it.
まい is an auxiliary verb which highlights negative-volitional statements. This means that it has a similar meaning to ないだろう. Due to this, the combination of では, the う-Verb ある 'to be', まい 'not as if', and し, the particle that highlights reasons, all combine to have a literal meaning of 'it is not as if it's (A), so therefore (B)'.
じゃあるまいし will be used after nouns, or phrases that have been nominalized with something like の.
  • (おや)()められているのではあるまいし()きに自分(じぶん)()きたいところに()けばいいんじゃないの?
    You are not being stopped by your parents, so why don't you just go wherever you want to?
  • ()るわけではあるまいし(すこ)しぐらい()してくれてもいいじゃん。
    It's not like it's going to decrease, so why don't you just let me borrow it?
  • もう子供(こども)じゃあるまいし行動(こうどう)する(まえ)(すこ)しでも(かんが)えたらどうなの?
    You aren't a child anymore, so why don't you think a little before taking action.
The statement that follows じゃあるまいし will state the speaker's opinion in relation to (A), and will almost always be negative.




    You are not a child, so don't instantly eat every sweet you stumble upon!

    A: 「野菜(やさい)()きじゃない!」
    B: 「(あか)ちゃんでもあるまいしもう駄々(だだ)をこねるのはよして!」

    A: 'I don't like veggies!'
    B: 'You are not a baby, so stop whining already!'

    B: 「()って、砂漠(さばく)じゃあるまいし(そと)()たら厚着(あつぎ)をしろよ!」

    A: 'I am heading out!'
    B: 'Wait, it's not a desert (outside), so if you go out then dress warmly!'


    This is not an anime, so a cute girl won't suddenly fall out of the sky!


    Tanaka-san! You are not a new employee, so you should not make such simple mistakes.

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