We asked our users to share what they thought about Bunpro. Here is what they had to say.

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    Computer Science Student

    “Bunpro did what even multiple in-person language courses failed to do for me — it made me comfortable actually applying grammar.

    The constant immersion into new contexts relevant to what I have previously learned really reinforces the concepts and makes the whole process feel very natural.

    With its concise explanations, countless examples, and opportunities for hands-on experience, Bunpro rapidly established itself as an absolutely indispensable tool for my language learning journey.”
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    Artist & Language Enthusiast

    “I’ve been using Bunpro since its inception, and while it was an amazing resource at the time, it’s grown to be immensely valuable now.

    I used it to help me with my tutor sessions and homework, it was a huge asset for me passing the JLPT N3 and N2, and I’ve referenced it so often in my grammar studies. I’ve gotten a lot of confidence with my Japanese thanks to Bunpro.

    All four areas, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, have gotten a boost. This is a resource I’d recommend to any Japanese language learner. The versatility, customization, and information available are outstanding. If you’re looking for some serious progression in your studies, look no further.”
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    Software Engineer

    “Bunpro completely transformed my Japanese learning journey. Wrestling with grammar in traditional books felt like hitting a wall, and my attempt to patch things up with videos and multiple books turned into a confusing maze.

    Then, a friend recommended Bunpro, and everything fell into place. It provided me with clear explanations, killer examples, and neatly organized links to resources. With the help of SRS, I make sure to absorb every lesson thoroughly. Thanks to Bunpro, learning grammar has become an absolute joy.”
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    “Before I used Bunpro, my Japanese grammar was all over the place - I was making very basic mistakes regularly and I didn’t even realise it!

    It helped me to have more natural conversations when talking to my friends as well as to get me through my tests.”
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    Communications Consultant

    “This is a breakthrough in language teaching technology — it works, it will make you more confident, it will speed up your learning, and it's fun to boot.”
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    “After a long break from studying Japanese Bunpro has provided a great structure to review all the grammar I learned before, and made it easy to spot and practice weak points.

    I also appreciate the customization options to suit different study styles, like optional hints, furigana or being able to chose your own study order.”
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    Founder of the SATX JP Study Group

    “Bunpro is the exact resource I had been seeking out for years. Japanese grammar can be a tricky and intimidating thing to navigate with all the available books and resources, but Bunpro takes all the guess work out of it and consolidates it’s all in one place.

    It is something I would recommend to every learner from beginner to advanced.”
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    Web and Graphic Designer

    “Though I’ve studied Japanese for over 20 years, I didn’t learn kanji until the COVID-19 pandemic. With that came the confidence to take and pass the N4 and set my sights on the N3. I took a few online courses and studied for a six months on my own but didn’t really have a good idea or plan as to how to put what I had learned into practice.

    So when it was time to register for the test I felt like everything I had learned had gone in one ear and out the other.

    Enter Bunpro, which took all the guesswork out of my studies, with curated lessons that were so wonderfully explained. Particularly helpful was the way each grammar point was differentiated from other similar points—there are so many and the slight nuances can be so difficult to grasp, especially when learning on one’s own. The SRS system presented the points I needed to study each day, keeping everything I’d learned fresh in my mind, and the community was always there when I needed extra help—someone even put together a project in which we were given a photos of various signage found all over Japan, helping me to read and understand Japanese in real-world situations.Since beginning Bunpro I’ve completed all of the N3 material and have now moved on to the N2. Large blocks of Japanese text are no longer intimidating.

    I have a much wider foundation now and can communicate in nuanced ways. I even find myself thinking in Japanese and sometimes am even able to express myself better in Japanese than in English, my native language.

    Affordably priced, with meticulously crafted lessons, a supportive community, and a dedicated staff that is always warm, welcoming, and committed to continuous improvement, Bunpro effortlessly outshines every single other tool I’ve tried. So whether you are learning in a formal setting or on your own, whether you have been studying for a long time or just beginning, you’ll soon find that Bunpro is more than just a study tool—it is an indispensable resource for anyone wishing to study Japanese.”
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    Freelance Game Master

    “Had been using Bunpro for a while closer to when it started. Recently got back into it. Had paid for a year both times and both times were fantastic investments.

    The information in lessons and SRS practice are invaluable in establishing a consistent familiarity with the grammar. Very, very pleased with the service!”
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    Professor of Information
    Language Cambridge University

    “With clear explanations and curated links to additional resources, it's the only grammar-learning system that you'll ever need.”