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Then, If that's the case


それなら + Phrase


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About それなら

Acting as a conjunction, それなら is a structure used for highlighting that if the previous statement is the case, then (B) will probably also be true, or will need to be considered. それなら may be interpreted as 'if that's the case, then (B)'.
  • (えき)(ちか)くにあるスーパーに()くの?それならついでに(わたし)(えき)まで(おく)ってくれない?
    You're going to the supermarket near the station? If that's the case, can you drop me off at the station?
  • カメラの画質(がしつ)がいいスマホをお(さが)しなんですか?それならこのスマホをお(すす)めします。
    You are looking for a smartphone with a good camera? If that's the case, I recommend this one.
それなら is most often used when replying to some statement that the speaker has just heard from another person. In these cases, it will come before some sort of guess, suggestion, or consideration about what the speaker has just heard.
  • それなら(かれ)でもできるようだ。
    If that's the case, it seems like even he will be able to do it.
  • それなら(はや)警察(けいさつ)電話(でんわ)したほうがいいよ!
    If that's the case, you should call the cops as soon as possible.
  • それなら先生(せんせい)()いたほうがいいと(あも)います。
    If that's the case, you should ask the teacher.
だったら and それだったら may also be seen, and carry the same meaning.
  • 一人(ひとり)()べに()くの?だったら(ぼく)一緒(いっしょ)()ってもいい?
    You're going to go eat alone? If that's the case, can I come with you?
  • 田中(たなか)(くん)もコストコに()くの?それだったら一緒(いっしょ)()こうよ。そのほうがガソリン(だい)節約(せつやく)できるし。
    Tanaka-kun, are you also going to Costco? If that's the case, let's go together. That way, we can save money on gas.


  • 田中(たなか):「彼女(かのじょ)とても優秀(ゆうしゅう)秘書(ひしょ)です。」

    Tanaka: 'She is an excellent secretary.'
    Yamada: 'If that is the case, let's entrust this job to her.'

  • 井上(いのうえ)さん:「あなたゲームする愚痴(ぐち)っぽくなって(こま)。」

    Inoue-san: 'When you game you become irritable and I don't know what to do.'
    Kamijo-san: 'If that is the case, you should do me the favor of telling me that.'

  • 土屋(つちや):「今日(きょう)ちょっと体調(たいちょう)(わる)んだよね。」

    Tsuchiya: 'Today I am feeling a little under the weather.'
    Mizuguchi: 'If that is the case, you should go to bed early!

  • 小林(こばやし)さん:「シフトがあまりにも不規則(ふきそく)だ。」

    Kobayashi-san: 'The shifts are excessively irregular.'
    Kawamura-san: 'If that's the case, then your previous job would probably be better.'

  • 遠藤(えんどう)さん:「アプリをもっと使(つか)いやすくしました。」

    Endo-san: 'They made the application easier to use.'
    Doi-san: 'If that is the case, I think it will spread.'

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それなら – Grammar Discussion

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  • Kert


    From one of the examples:
    I feel ingeniously tricked that this doesn’t mean “I can’t make a stew (鍋). Make some fried bread (フライパン) instead”
    作る and 使う always fool me

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