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N3 Lesson 8: 9/23


Each time, Every time, Whenever

たびに is often pronounced as たんびに in casual conversation.


Verb[る]+ たびに
Noun + + たびに


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About たびに

(たび)に is the adverbial form of the noun (たび), meaning 'time' (as in 'at the time of'). たびに is frequently paired with either verbs, or nouns, in order to show that something happens 'whenever (A)', or 'each time (A)'.
After nouns, the case marking particle の will be required before たびに.
  • タナカ(くん)()()たびに二日(ふつか)()いになる。
    Every time I go out to drink with Tanaka-kun, I get a hangover.
  • 牛乳(ぎゅうにゅう)()たびに(なか)(いた)くなる。
    Every time I drink milk, I get a stomach ache.
  • (わたし)(やす)みのたびにハワイ()きます。
    Whenever I have a holiday, I go to Hawaii.
  • (かれ)(あら)(もの)たびに(ゆび)()る。
    Every time he does the dishes, he cuts his finger.
Fun Fact
Like ごとに, たびに means 'every'. However, たびに is most often used to convey the nuance of するごとに 'every time doing'. Due to this, たびに will almost always be used to highlight some kind of action or event, rather than random amounts of time.
  • 仕事(しごと)(やす)たびに(あめ)()って予定(よてい)台無(だいな)しになる。
    Every time I take a day off, it rains and messes up my plans.
  • 2週間(しゅうかん)たびに実家(じっか)(かえ)る。
    Every two weeks, I go to my parents house.




    Every time I watch this movie, I cry.


    Let's make good memories each time we take a trip.


    Whenever I go shopping I buy things I don't need.


    I am called in every time something happens, and it is driving me nuts.


    Every time I get a medical check up, some kind of illness is discovered. I wonder if it has to do with my age.

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