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N1 Lesson 8: 19/19


Nothing compared to, Cannot be compared to, Much more, Way better, Above comparison (beyond comparison), Far greater than


Noun + とは(くら)べものにはならない


    About とは比べものにならない

    In order to emphasize that something is far beyond what could possibly be compared to (A), the emphatic phrase とは(くら)べものにはならない will be used.
    This is a combination of the case-marking particle と, the adverbial particle は, the neologism (くら)べもの 'a comparable thing', case-marking particle に, adverbial particle は, and the negated form of the う-Verb なる 'to become', ならない. This may seem like a lot, but it is just expressing that '(A) will not be a comparable thing'.
    This structure will be used before nouns, where that noun is the thing that cannot be compared. This is usually due to quality, quantity, or some other feature that is easily measurable.
    • A(しゃ)(つく)部品(ぶひん)はいいが、B(しゃ)(つく)部品(ぶひん)とは(くら)(もの)にはならない
      Parts made by Company A are good, but they are not comparable to the parts made by Company B.
    • (かあ)さんのスパゲティーとは(くら)べものにはならないが、ここのシェフが(つく)るやつはなかなか美味(おい)しい。
      The spaghetti prepared by the chef here is quite good, but it is nothing compared to the spaghetti my mother makes.
    • 岐阜(ぎふ)(さむ)いが、北海道(ほっかいどう)とは(くら)べものにはならない
      Gifu is cold, but it is nothing compared to Hokkaido.
    As this grammar pattern is emphatic, it will indicate that the difference between (A) and (B) is quite large, without specifically expressing the amount.
    Fun Fact
    As a reminder, a neologism is just a set word or phrase which has come to be used a certain way due to habits or customs. (くら)べもの itself is just a mix of the conjunctive form of the る-Verb (くら)べる 'to compare', and the noun もの 'thing'.




      Even the speed of light is nothing when compared to the size of the universe.


      This sushi is not bad, but it is nothing compared to good quality sushi.


      It is considered that the damage from a supervolcano eruption is beyond comparison to other volcanoes.


      The performance of smartphones has improved to a degree that is beyond comparison to back then.


      My paintings are nothing compared to Sunomiya's.

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