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N1 Lesson 6: 10/17


Kind of, Might, Slightly, It’s not (impossible) that, Somewhat, In some respects


Verb[ない]+ (もの)+ でも(1) + ない



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About ないでもない

ないでもない, and なくもない are structures that have the literal meaning of 'to not not be (A)', and are used to express that something is 'a little (A)', or 'kinda (A)'. These structures are used primarily when the speaker can neither confirm or deny (A), but may also be used simply when not wanting to directly disagree with something that another person has said.
Both ないでもない and なくもない may be used after either the negated form of verbs, or nouns followed by the case marking particle が.
  • あいつが(わる)いとは(おも)ないでもないけど、お(まえ)にも(すこ)しは()があると(おも)うよ。
    I kind of think he is in the wrong, but I think you are a little at fault too.
  • まあ、そう()われてみれば(とり)()なくもないけど...
    Well, when you put it like that, it kind of looks like a bird…
  • 彼女(かのじょ)(あやま)ってきたら、彼女(かのじょ)がしたことを(ゆる)()ないでもない
    If she comes apologizing, I might forgive her for what she's done.
  • ピアノを()くのは()きだが、ピアノのレッスンをやめようと(おも)うことがなくもない
    I like to play the piano, but there are times when I kind of think about quitting piano lessons.
ないでもない and なくもない are completely interchangeable, with the primary difference simply being that なくもない is less frequently used. Additionally, ないものでもない may also be seen, but just like なくもない, it is far less common.
  • あなたの(かんが)えが()からないものでもないけど、そういうことはあまり(くち)()さないほうがいいと(おも)うよ。
    I kind of understand your opinion, but I don't think you should say things like that out loud.


  • 先輩(せんぱい)あの(くも)()。シマウマみたいに()えるぞ。」

    Senpai: 'Look at that cloud! It looks like a zebra.'
    Kouhai: 'Well, it kind of looks like a zebra.'

  • 友達(ともだち)との(はなし):ちよ「(ねこ)()じゃないの?かわいくない?」

    Chat between friends, Chiyo: 'Don't you like cats? Aren't they cute?'
    Sakaki: 'I think that they are kind of cute, but they bite and scratch so I try to avoid them as much as possible.'

  • 友人(ゆうじん)文句(もんく)():「最近(さいきん)両親(りょうしん)はうちの子犬(こいぬ)夢中(むちゅう)。まあその気持(きも)はわからないでもないけど。とても可愛(かわい)らしいから。」

    Complaining to a friend: 'Recently, my parents are all about our puppy! I kind of understand them though. It's pretty adorable.'

    気持ちはわからないでもない is a very common phrase.

  • ケイマさん:「クラス(かい)()か?」

    Keima: 'Are you coming to the class reunion?'
    Yuri: 'Not interested. Oh, I might consider it if you treat me to dinner, though.'

  • 「なんとなく(かれ)()った(はなし)には欠陥(けっかん)問題(もんだい)たくさんあるような()がしないでもないが、いってくれないよりマシだ。」

    'I kind of feel that there are many gaps and problems in his story, but it is better than nothing.'

    なんとなく and 一応 sometimes appear together with ないでもない.

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