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N5 Lesson 4: 3/13

な-Adjective + (Noun)

Describing a noun


[な]Adjective + + Noun

(しず)か + + (よる)
元気(げんき) + + 子供(こども)


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About な-Adjective + Noun

In Japanese, almost any type of word can be attached to the beginning of a noun to modify the meaning, or describe the qualities of that noun. However, depending on the type of word used, conjugation rules will differ slightly.
For な-Adjectives, they will always need to be followed by , when used before a noun. This means that adjective (A) is describing qualities/features of noun (B).
  • カーテンオタク:これ綺麗(きれい)カーテンです
    A curtain enthusiast : This is a pretty curtain.
  • 元気(げんき)(あか)ちゃん。
    A healthy baby. ('Energetic' or 'spirited' would also be accurate translations)
Many words can take either or when describing a noun. The difference in meaning is usually clear. Let's take a look at both nuances.
(A) (B) means that - (A) is a quality/feature of (B)
(A) (B) means that - (A) is the type/purpose of (B)
  • 有名(ゆうめい)(ひと)
    A famous person. (A 'quality' of this person is that they have 'fame')
  • 有名(ゆうめい)(ちから)
    The power of fame. (The 'type' of power is that of 'fame')
To avoid making this mistake when using な-Adjectives to describe a noun, it can be helpful to think about whether you are describing a 'quality', or the 'purpose' of something.


  • ひま一日(いちにち)

    A free day

  • (あさひ)(おか)(しず)(まち)です

    Asahigaoka is a quiet town.

  • たなかさん親切(しんせつ)(ひと)

    Tanaka-san is a kind person.

  • これ便利(べんり)ツールです

    This is a convenient tool.

  • 綺麗(きれい)タオルトイレある

    There are clean towels in the bathroom.

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