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Even when


Verb + (いた)って
Noun + (いた)って


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About に至っても

In contrast to (いた)っては, which presents the most extreme examples for something from within a specific category. (いた)っても will present the same extreme example from which some result will not occur. This is due to the adverbial particle も 'even' replacing は. (いた)っても may be translated as 'even if it came to (A), (B)', 'even when (A), (B)'. (B) will often be negative, thus highlighting that even the extreme (A) couldn't affect (B).
This is a combination of the case-marking particle に, the て-form of the る-Verb (いた)る 'to climax', or 'to culminate in', and the adverbial particle も.
(いた)っても will appear following nouns, or verbs in their dictionary form.
  • あの事故(じこ)()()まれてから2(ねん)()(いた)っても相手(あいて)謝罪(しゃざい)すらもしてこない。
    Even now, 2 years since I have been involved in an accident, and the other party has not even apologized.
  • 社会人(しゃかいじん)になる(いた)っても、まだ自分(じぶん)子供(こども)だと(おも)っている(ひと)(すく)なくないだろう。
    Even as people become a functioning member of society, there are probably a lot of people that think they are still kids.
  • (かれ)(わか)れて3(ねん)()った現在(げんざい)(いた)っても(おとこ)(ひと)信用(しんよう)することができない。
    Even now, 3 years after I broke up with him, I still have a hard time trusting men.
  • この会議(かいぎ)朝方(あさがた)(いた)っても(つづ)きそうだ。
    This meeting seems like it is going to continue, even if it becomes morning.
(いた)っても will often be used when the speaker laments or regrets that despite reaching the point of (A), (B) is something that will still not, or did not change. However, it may occasionally be used positively, especially when the speaker is expressing their determination.
  • これは(おれ)()めたことだから、どんな結果(けっか)(いた)っても絶対(ぜったい)後悔(こうかい)しない!
    This is something I have decided on, so I will not regret the result even if it's bad.



  • ハルヒさん消失(しょうしつ)から半月(はんつき)以上(いじょう)()ぎた今日(きょう)(いた)っても彼女(かのじょ)行方(ゆくえ)(いま)だに()れない。

    Even to this day, when more than half a month has passed since the disappearance of Haruhi, her whereabouts are still impossible to tell.

    • 会社(かいしゃ)破産(はさん)直前(ちょくぜん)状況(じょうきょう)(いた)ってもなお経営陣(けいえいじん)減給(げんきゅう)されることに(くび)(たて)()ろうとはしない。

      Even in a situation when the company is on the verge of bankruptcy, the management have still not agreed to have their salaries cut.

      • 結婚(けっこん)する(いた)っても完全(かんぜん)にお(たが)いを理解(りかい)()えないカップルが(おお)

        Many couples can't understand each other completely even when they are about to get married.

        • スミスさんは、事故(じこ)から6(ねん)()った現在(げんざい)(いた)っても(いま)だに(うで)(いた)みを(かん)ます。

          Even now, 6 years since the accident, Mr. Smith still feels pain in his arm.

          • 小説(しょうせつ):「だが、(こと)ここ(いた)ってもまだ(あやま)ることを拒否(きょひ)するほど頑固(がんこ)ある。」

            Novel: 'However, even when things have come to this, he is still obstinate to the point that he refuses to apologize.'

            事(が)ここに至って is a common phrase that means 'to reach situation about which nothing can be done'.

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