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〜 is one of (many) 〜


Noun (A) + + (Category) Noun (B) + 一つ +


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About ~は~の一つだ

In order to express that something is only one thing from within a larger category, the construction ~は~の(ひと)つだ will be used. In this expression, (A), the thing that there is one of, will be followed by . After this, (B) + (ひと) will highlight the broader category to which (A) belongs.
  • アンドロイドスマートフォンOS(ひと)
    Android is one of (many) smartphone operating systems.
  • 電車(でんしゃ)()(もの)(ひと)です
    Trains are one of (many) vehicles.
In this grammar point, (ひと) is a standard counter. This means that other counters can and will be used, when they are more appropriate than (ひと).
  • (かれ)家族(かぞく)一人(ひとり)
    He is also one member of my family.
  • トマトフルーツ一種(いっしゅ)
    Tomatoes are one of many types of fruits.
  • このクレヨンこのセット一本(いっぽん)
    This crayon is part of this set.


  • ホンダ(くるま)メーカー(ひと)

    Honda is one of (many) car makers.

  • アイフォンスマートフォン(ひと)

    iPhone is one of (many) smartphones.

  • 文法(ぶんぽう)大事(だいじ)勉強(べんきょう)(ひと)です

    Grammar is one of (many) important things to study.

  • コカコーラコーラ(ひと)

    Coca-cola is one of many colas.

  • 寿司(すし)日本(にほん)有名(ゆうめい)()(もの)(ひと)

    Sushi is one of many famous Japanese foods.

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~は~の一つだ – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (3 in total)

  • Johnathan-Weir


    Other than 一つ and 一人 which are given examples here could you use other counters such as 一匹 like so:

    “Cats are one of many popular pets.”

    And so on with other counters relevant to subject or would you just stick with 一つ and 一人?

  • mrnoone



    Other counters can be also used that way, though つ is the most common one.

    This animal is one of the feline spieces.


  • Ambo100


    Please consider mentioning that in the notes for this. I tend to check every forum discussion thread as I learn new grammar in case I miss helpful things like this.

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