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N2 Lesson 5: 12/18


Still, Not yet, Even now


(いま)だに + … + Verb[る]
(いま)だに + … + Verb[ない]


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About 未だに

Although stemming from the same kanji, まだ 'still' will almost always be read as (いま)だ 'still' when appearing in its kanji form. When combined with に, like まだ, (いま)だ will indicate that something is 'still (A)', or 'not yet (A)', depending on whether the verb it is paired with is negated or not.
As (いま)だに will be used adverbially, it will mostly appear at the beginning of sentences.
  • スマホが普及(ふきゅう)している(なか)(いま)だにガラケーを使(つか)っている(ひと)がいる。
    While smartphones are becoming more and more popular, there are people who still use flip phones.
  • (わたし)子供(こども)(ころ)()()まれた事故(じこ)のことは(いま)だに(おぼ)えている。
    I still remember the accident that I was involved in when I was a child.
  • 部長(ぶちょう)人事(じんじ)注意(ちゅうい)されて2ヶ月(かげつ)()つのに、(かれ)態度(たいど)(いま)だに()わらない。
    It's been two months since the director was warned by HR and his attitude still hasn't changed.
  • 去年(きょねん)行方不明(ゆくえふめい)になった少女(しょうじょ)(いま)だに発見(はっけん)されていない。
    The girl who went missing last year has still not been found.
Compared to まだ, (いま)だに is more formal, and will often imply that something has been continuing for a much longer period of time. This is similar to adding the word ずっと to a standard sentence.
  • 小学生(しょうがくせい)(ころ)高橋(たかはし)くんにいじめられたことはまだ()()っている。
    I am still holding a grudge over the fact that I was bullied by Takahashi-kun when I was in elementary school.
  • 小学生(しょうがくせい)(ころ)高橋(たかはし)くんにいじめられたことは(いま)だに()()っている。
    I am still holding a grudge over the fact that I was bullied by Takahashi-kun when I was in elementary school.




    Article: 'Even though the government has already reduced taxes on oil, the price has not yet changed.' (still・even now)


    Comment on a website about technology: 'Even though it has been years, AiKlaud's free storage capacity is still 5GB.' (not yet・even now)


    Novel, narrator: 'Even though they had been living together for 5 years, even now Jake wasn't able to completely grasp Finn's character.'


    History book: 'There are still many unknowns concerning the death of Masaki Kurosaki.' (not yet・even now)


    Article: 'A new law against diesel engines has been established. However, pollution in major cities is still a lingering problem.' (not yet・even now)

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