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N1 Lesson 8: 4/19


Not even one, Not a single, No (at all)

何人たりとも + Phrase[ない]/Verb + な


1 + Counter + たりとも + Phrase[ない](1)

(1) Verb[な]


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About 1~たりとも~ない

たりとも is a grammar pattern that is most often used in negative sentences, in order to indicate that (A) is not an exception to something. It will follow either number words, or nouns. Possible translations include 'not even one (A)', and 'not a single (A)'.
However, due to たりとも just being a combination of the auxiliary verb たり 'presenting examples', and the conjunction particle とも 'presenting approximate limitations', the literal translation of たりとも is just 'even limited to (A) as an example, not (B)', with the 'not (B)' coming from the negative structure in the second half of the sentence.
  • みんなで()()れようとしたが、(いち)ミリたりとも(うご)かなかったから、ユンボで()()みました。
    We all tried to push it in together, but it did not even move a millimeter, so we pushed it in using a backhoe.
  • 消防士(しょうぼうし)などは一秒(いちびょう)たりとも()()くことができない。
    People like firefighters can't lose focus, even for a second.
  • (わたし)一分(いっぷん)たりとも残業(ざんぎょう)をしたくないので毎日(まいにち)定時(ていじ)(かえ)っています。
    I don't want to work overtime even for a minute, so I go home on time every day.
  • (すこ)たりとも油断(ゆだん)をすると、ミスをして(いのち)()とす(おそ)れがあります。
    If you let your guard down even a little, you could make a mistake that could cost you your life.
This is a very formal expression, so will not be used in daily conversation.
Fun Fact
何人(なんびと)たりとも 'no matter who it is, no exceptions' is a set expression that may see more frequent use than any of the other たりとも structures.
  • この洞窟(どうくつ)へは20年前(ねんまえ)()きた事故(じこ)以来(いらい)何人(なんびと)たりとも()()ることが(うる)されない。
    Since the accident that occurred 20 years ago, no one has been allowed to enter this cave.




    A novel, the villain: 'It is decided, you all die here today. I do not intend to let even one of you escape.'


    Not even one person is allowed to threaten life or security.


    Even though 15 years have passed since the death of Senna, I have not forgotten her even one time.


    Novel: 'He follows his belief of wasting not even one moment in his life.'


    Humans can not live even one day without oxygen.

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