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To go ~, To go in order to ~


Verb[ます+ + ()


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About Verb + にいく

() is a grammar construction that is used when someone is going somewhere for the purpose of doing (A). (A) representing the verb that comes before (). As with other uses of , this particle is highlighting an end point or goal of 'going'.
  • ()()
    To go fishing. (Fishing is the purpose/goal of going)
  • (いま)からトレーニング()きます
    I am going to go workout now. (Working out is the purpose/goal of going)
This grammar point is regularly translated as 'to go in order to (A)'.
If you have already 'gone' somewhere for the purpose of doing something, then you would use '(A) ()', while at the location.
  • さっきあなた友達(ともだち)宿題(しゅくだい)(わた)()
    Your friend came to hand in their homework earlier.


  • ラーメン()()

    To go eat ramen.

  • サッカー()

    To go play soccer.

  • 日本語(にほんご)勉強(べんきょう)()きます

    I will go study Japanese.

  • 公園(こうえん)(あそ)()った

    I went to play at the park.

  • (ほん)()()きます

    I will go buy a book.

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Verb + にいく – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (28 in total)

  • mietolim


    About 1 month ago

    Could someone explain to me how 遊ぶ becomes 遊びにって? I don’t understand how this relates to に行く.

  • IcyIceBear


    About 1 month ago

    Did you see it somewhere or?
    Anyway it sounds like a verbal contraction to me.
    遊びにいく to go to play/hang out
    にいって to go to play and… (As a てverb here)

    に ends in the same sound as い so without more information, you either missed the い if listening, or it’s a contraction. Or maybe just a typo

  • dharlequin


    About 1 month ago

    This little convenient chart is probably what should be in the grammar point itself, as I’m having lots of difficulties with it.

    Thank you for creating it.

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