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Partly for (the purpose of), In addition to, Along with, By the way, And also to, Incidentally, While


Noun + かたがた
[する]Verb + かたがた


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About かたがた

(かたがた) is a conjunction that will be seen primarily in hiragana. This word will be translated as ‘in addition to doing (A), (B)’, ‘along with (A), (B)’, or ‘incidentally to (A), (B)’. Both (A) and (B) usually have an equal level of priority, but (B) will have the nuance of ‘while (A), also (B) in passing’.
かたがた will attach to the end of a noun that marks (A), while (B) will often, but not always, mark a verb of action.
  • 婚約(こんやく)報告(ほうこく)かたがた、お父様(とうさま)とお母様(かあさま)()いに()きます。
    I will go see (my partner’s) father and mother, partly for the purpose of letting them know about our engagement.
  • 妊娠(にんしん)報告(ほうこく)かたがた相手(あいて)両親(りょうしん)(いえ)(たず)ねた。
    I visited my partner’s parents, partly for the purpose of letting them know about the pregnancy.
  • (れい)かたがた、そちらにお(うかが)いをしたいと(おも)っています。
    I would like to come visit you, partly for the purpose of thanking you.
In cases where (A) is a noun that would usually take する, the する will be omitted entirely.
かたがた is a formal structure that will primarily be seen in writing, but also has a tendency to be used as a part of either apologies or thanks. Due to this, it will tend to sound unnatural if there is no special purpose for the linked actions.
  • 本棚(ほんだな)整理(せいり)かたがた(はる)大掃除(おおそうじ)をした。
    I did some spring cleaning, partly for the purpose of cleaning out my bookshelf. (Unnatural Japanese)




    Visiting a former teacher: 'Today I visited her to express my gratitude for that time in my life, and also to let her know how I have been doing since I graduated.'


    Greeting card: For now, this is only a notification and also greetings.


    I visited my wife's sibling's house partly for the purpose of announcing our marriage.


    Email to a superior in the same company: 'I would like to pay you a visit to say hello and also other things. How would tomorrow be for you?'


    Email to a superior in the same company: 'For now, I would like to express my gratitude, and also greetings.'

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