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Force to, To compel, Make unavoidable


Noun + 余儀(よぎ)なくさせる
Verb + こと + 余儀(よぎ)なくさせる


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About を余儀なくさせる

Like を余儀(よぎ)なくされる, a formal grammar pattern that is usually translated as ‘to be forced to (A)’, 余儀(よぎ)なくさせる has the same base, but uses the causative auxiliary verb させる ‘to make do’, in place of the passive される ‘to have done to one’.
Its component parts are the adverbial particle を, the noun 余儀(よぎ) ‘another method’, the conjunctive form of the い-Adjective ない, なく, and the causative form of する, させる. In this way, it literally means ‘to not give another way than to (A)’.
余儀(よぎ)なくさせる will be seen following an (A) noun, where (A) is the thing that is unavoidable.
  • 外出(がいしゅつ)自粛(じしゅく)要請(ようせい)が、飲食店(いんしょくてん)閉店(へいてん)余儀(よぎ)なくさせた
    The request of not going outside, stores were forced to close.
  • 地元(じもと)住民(じゅうみん)からの反対(はんたい)(こえ)が、ショッピングモールの建設(けんせつ)中止(ちゅうし)余儀(よぎ)なくさせた
    The voices of opposition from the residents, they were forced to cancel the construction of the shopping mall.
  • 運転手(うんてんしゅ)不注意(ふちゅうい)が、入院(にゅういん)余儀(よぎ)なくさせた
    The carelessness of the driver, forced them to get hospitalized.
Unlike を余儀(よぎ)なくされる, in most cases the (A) subject of sentences that use 余儀(よぎ)なくさせる will be non-human cause. However, there are exceptions to this.
Fun Fact
Despite 余儀(よぎ) and ない being separate words, 余儀(よぎ)なく is often thought of simply as a single word that means ‘unavoidably’, or ‘inevitably’.




    Global warming forced Santa Claus to relocate away from the North Pole.


    The pandemic forced stores and schools to close.


    The major flood forced people to withdraw from the city.


    The energy crisis of the 1970s forced the government to look for alternative energy sources, other than gasoline.


    The economic bubble burst forced him to sell his shares in the company.

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