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N5 Lesson 4: 12/13

がある + (Noun)

Noun (B) that has Noun (A), Noun (B) with Noun (A)


Noun + がある (1) + Noun

(1) のある


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About がある + Noun

In this expression, がある has the role of describing the noun that follows it. The description that it is giving is '(A) がある (B)' = '(B) has/with (A)'. This type of phrase is called a relative clause (something that describes a noun), and behaves similarly to an adjective.
  • ピアノがあるレストラン。
    A restaurant with a piano.
  • コンビニがあるビル。
    A building that has a convenience store.
In English, a relative clause would require a pronoun such as 'who' (だれ), 'which' どれ, 'that' それ・あれ, 'where' どこ. However, these types of words are not required in Japanese, and the noun will follow がある directly.
In a relative clause, because (A) is describing (B), (B) will be considered the 'main topic/subject'. This means that cannot be used in place of . However, can be used instead of , as showing a relationship between (A) and (B) is one of the main functions of .
  • 漫画(まんが)はある本屋(ほんや)
    A book store that has manga. (Unnatural, as it is impossible to tell whether manga is the only thing at one particular bookstore, or if manga is something that bookstores 'in general' have)
  • 綺麗(きれい)(かわ)のある(やま)
    A mountain with a beautiful river. (Natural in Japanese, but less common than )


  • ベッドがある部屋(へや)

    A room that has a bed.

  • たくさん(やす)がある(がつ)()

    I like the month of May with its many holidays.

  • 綺麗(きれい)(いけ)がある公園(こうえん)

    A park with a beautiful pond.

  • (いえ)がある(ひと)

    People who have a house.

  • 冷蔵庫(れいぞうこ)がある台所(だいどころ)

    A kitchen with a refrigerator.

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