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N4 Lesson 8: 3/18


Need, Necessary


Noun + + 必要(ひつよう) +
Verb + こと + + 必要(ひつよう) +


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About がひつよう

必要(ひつよう) is a common expression in Japanese which is used to highlight the 'need' or 'necessity' of something. It is a structure that may only be used with nouns, which means that verbs will need to be nominalized (turned into noun-phrases) in order to use this construction.
  • プール(およ)とき水着(みずぎ)必要(ひつよう)
    When swimming in a pool, a swimsuit is necessary.
  • バス運転(うんてん)する特別(とくべつ)免許(めんきょ)必要(ひつよう)
    You need a special license to drive a bus.
  • (かれ)(くるま)()ていないから(むか)()こと必要(ひつよう)
    Because he doesn't have a car, it is necessary to go pick him up.
  • ここ泥棒(どろぼう)(おお)から()かけ(まえ)(かぎ)かけこと必要(ひつよう)
    Because there are a lot of burglars here, it is necessary to lock your door before you go out.
Both and may sometimes be omitted from this expression in casual speech. However, it is a good idea to at least use , to clarify the thing that is 'necessary'.
  • (わたし)運転(うんてん)するとき眼鏡(めがね)必要(ひつよう)
    I need glasses when I drive.
  • 田舎(いなか)() (くるま)必要(ひつよう)
    To live in the countryside, a car is necessary.




    A pencil is necessary when you take a test.


    If you are going to make a cake, sugar is necessary.


    If you live in the countryside, a car is necessary.


    If you are going snowboarding, you need gloves.


    I wonder what I need...

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