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It is necessary to


Verb + 必要(ひつよう) + が + ある


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About ひつようがある

Like 必要(ひつよう), 必要(ひつよう)がある is an expression which is used to highlight the 'need' or 'necessity' of something. The primary difference being that 必要(ひつよう)がある highlights the need to 'do (A)', and will therefore be used with verbs (without the need for nominalization).
To use 必要(ひつよう)がある, just attach it after the plain form of the verb that you want to highlight the 'need' for.
  • 明日(あした)にテストがあるから勉強(べんきょう)する必要(ひつよう)がある
    Because I have a test tomorrow, it is necessary to study.
  • 息子(むすこ)まだ(ちい)ので、いつも一緒(いっしょ)にい必要(ひつよう)がある
    Since my son is still little, it is necessary for me to be with him at all times.
As we can see, this construction is simply the combination of a verb + 必要(ひつよう) (creating a verb modified noun), the case marking particle , and the う-Verb ある. In this way, it just means 'the need of doing (A) exists'.
Naturally, this grammar pattern may also be used negatively, to highlight that there is 'no need to do (A)', or that 'doing (A) is not necessary'.
  • カイル日本語(にほんご)()ので書類(しょるい)英語(えいご)(やく)必要(ひつよう)がない
    Since Kyle understands Japanese, there is no need to translate the documents into English.
  • (むすめ)元気(げんき)になっので病院(びょういん)()必要(ひつよう)がありません
    Since my daughter got well, there is no need to go to the hospital.




    It is necessary to eat breakfast.


    It is necessary to take a passport with you if you want to go overseas.


    It is necessary to finish that by tomorrow.


    If you are going to stay at a hotel, it is necessary to bring a razor.


    If you want to pass the test, it is necessary to listen to the teacher's instruction.

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ひつようがある – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (11 in total)

  • Pushindawood


    @rwmleach Hey! It might help if you break these two down into more direct translations.

    In the first sentence, the need to eat is the main focus of what “is” (ある), while the second sentence places more emphasis on the act of eating. That being said, both of these sentences essentially mean the same thing and can be interpreted as such. Cheers!

  • rwmleach


    That’s very helpful, thank you. If I take the translation a step further I do see the distinction even more.

    • 食べる必要がある。- There is a need to eat.
    • 食べることが必要だ。- Eating is necessary.

    And as you suggested, if someone were to ask me the difference between those two English sentences it would be tough! Although I guess the second one feels like more general life advice, but the first one feels like it is for a more specific situation.

  • atticusd


    I have just noticed that some of the Readings Links are broken.

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