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But, Although


Verb + けれども
[い]Adjective + けれども
[な]Adjective + + けれども
Noun + + けれども


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    Conjunctive Particle

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About けれども

けれども is the more formal (full version) of the conjunction particle けど. Like けど, it usually carries the meaning of 'but', but because of its formality, sounds a bit more like 'although', or 'provided that'. It simply highlights that 'while thinking about (A), (B)'. Meaning that the (B) phrase is important, or needs to be considered.
  • (わたし)10キロ(はし)けれども(つか)ていません
    I ran 10km, but I am not tired.
  • 温泉(おんせん)(あつ)けれども気持(きも)ちいいです
    Onsens are hot, but they feel good.
  • あの(ひと)綺麗(きれい)けれども(こわ)です
    That person is beautiful, but scary.
  • これゲームけれども面白(おもしろ)くないです
    This is a game, but it is not fun.
As can be seen from these examples, will be required when using this conjunction after a な-Adjective, or a noun.
As a reminder, please see below for a list of the most casual form of 'but', to the most formal.
Casual - けど - けども - けれど - けれども - - Formal
  • このパソコン(ふる)けども便利(べんり)
    This computer is old, but useful.
  • (くすり)()けれどまだ(あたま)(いた)
    I took medicine, but my head still hurts.
  • (はし)のは(つか)けれども(たの)です
    Running is tiring, but it is fun.
  • 田舎(いなか)(しず)、やる(こと)()い。
    The countryside is quiet, but there is nothing to do.
Fun Fact
Originally, けれども was thought to be a more feminine version of . However, the modern けど is so common that it has lost all of the feminine nuance that came from けれども.
As with けど (and other forms of 'but' in Japanese), the phrase after けれども will often be omitted if it is obvious, or the speaker does not want to say it.
  • もう(ばん)(はん)()けれども
    I already ate dinner, but… (There's always room for dessert!)


  • (わたし)この(ほん)()ではないけれどもあなた()でしょう

    I don't like this book, but you do, don't you?

  • トム()ったけれども、トム(わす)ました

    I told that to Tom, but he forgot.

  • 掃除(そうじ)したけれどもまだ(きたな)

    I cleaned, but it is still dirty.

  • 映画(えいが)()のは(たの)しいけれどもチケット(たか)

    Watching movies is fun, but tickets are expensive.

  • 電車(でんしゃ)便利(べんり)けれどもいつも(ひと)(おお)

    The train is convenient, but there are always a lot of people.

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    トムに言った_[formal expression]_、トムは忘れました。

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