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N1 Lesson 4: 17/17


(And) so, Because, Since


Verb + こと
[い]Adjective + こと
[な]Adjective + (1) + こと
Noun + (1) + こと

(1) である


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About ことだし

ことだし is a combination of the noun こと 'thing', the auxiliary verb だ, and the conjunction particle し, used for listing reasons. The whole structure itself often translates simply as 'because (A)', or 'since (A)', but places extra emphasis on there being other reasons besides what the speaker has specified.
This structure may appear after any word in its attributive form, or after a noun that has been followed with の.
  • せっかく(きみ)のお(とう)さんとお(かあ)さんが()ことだし、どっかいい焼肉屋(やきにくや)さんにでも()こう。
    Since your father and mother are coming all the way (to see us), let's go to a nice yakiniku restaurant.
  • 天気(てんき)もいいことだし、みんなで公園(こうえん)にでも()きましょう。
    Since the weather is nice, let's all go to the park together.
  • (かれ)(つと)めている会社(かいしゃ)有名(ゆうめい)ことだし給料(きゅうりょう)もいいんだろう。
    Since the company he works for is famous, his salary must be good.
  • (かれ)ことだし、また(おく)れてくるんじゃないの。
    Knowing him, I bet that he will come late as usual.
Just like with its standard use in creating lists, し is being used in this grammar point to show that (A) is not exclusive. The way this comes across is that 'while there are other reasons, (A) is good enough to (B)'. (B) is usually some suggestion, invitation, or expression of determination.




    Since plane tickets are cheap and the weather is nice, let's go to Okinawa.


    I also have discount coupons, so why don't we go watch a movie together tomorrow?


    It's getting late, so let's call it a night with this!


    I'm sure he's also sufficiently remorseful, so why won't you already let him off the hook this time?


    Knowing her, I am convinced that she will surely win the next match.

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