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N1 Lesson 10: 14/22


Nothing but, Should, Have to, Only, All that remains,


(ただ) + Verb[る]+ のみ + ((1))
(ただ) + [する]Verb + ある(2) + のみ + ((1))

(1) である
(2) する


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About ただ〜のみ

ただ~のみ is an expression that is commonly interpreted as ‘(A) is all that is required’, or ‘(A) is all that remains’. It is a combination of the neologism ただ ‘merely’, and the adverbial particle のみ ‘just’ or ‘only’. のみ itself has the same meanings and uses as both だけ and ばかり, but is slightly more formal.
Frequently, (A) will be a verb that indicates movement, continuation, or hope. This highlights that one has already done everything that is possible, and all that is left to do is hope for a good result, or that one is already doing all that is necessary, and all that remains is to continue.
  • (わたし)たちにはもう(なに)もできない。ただ医者(いしゃ)(しん)じて()のみだ
    There is nothing we can do anymore. What we can do is nothing but wait.
  • (ぼく)にできることはただ(いの)のみです
    I can do nothing but pray.
  • 将来(しょうらい)日本(にほん)大手(おおて)企業(きぎょう)(つと)めたいので、ただ勉強(べんきょう)あるのみだ
    Since I want to work in a big Japanese company in the future, I have no choice but to study.
When する-Verbs are used with this expression, occasionally it will be replaced by ある. This puts more focus on the existence of the action, rather than the action itself. The replacement of する with ある is primarily literary.




    A: 'How can I achieve my dream of becoming a writer?'
    B: 'In the end, It all rests on practice.'


    'We have done all we can. All that remains is to surrender.'


    There is no time for something like regrets in life. We have only to move forward.


    'After taking the test, it just rests on the wait for results.'


    'In a situation like this, there is no choice but to keep moving forward.'

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