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Shall, To assume, To suppose, To consider


Verb + ものとする


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About ものとする

Like many grammar expressions that use もの, this noun will imply that the word or phrase that comes before it is a strong determination. Due to this, when とする ‘as (A)’, or ‘in the capacity of (A)’ is added, it presents a situation in which the speaker is determining that (A) is true for the sake of discussion. In English, this may be interpreted as ‘supposing that (A)’, or ‘on the assumption that (A)’.
ものとする, like ものとして, will primarily be seen after verbs. However, unlike ものとして, ものとする will almost always appear at the end of a sentence, and highlights things that are being taken as facts in legalese, and other forms of contractual writing.
  • 住民税(じゅうみんぜい)世帯主(せたいぬし)(はら)ものとする
    The head of the household shall pay the resident’s tax.
  • 契約者(けいやくしゃ)都合(つごう)解約(かいやく)をした場合(ばあい)契約者(けいやくしゃ)解約金(かいやくきん)請求(せいきゅう)するものとする
    In the event that the subscription is canceled due to the subscriber’s personal reasons, a termination fee shall be charged to the subscriber.
  • ダム建設(けんせつ)に対して批判(ひはん)(こえ)()がったときには、ダム建設(けんせつ)(とり)()げるものとする
    We shall withdraw from building a dam in the event where people oppose it.




    A contractor shall perform the duties listed below.


    The account books provided in attached table 7 shall be retained for five years.


    The said research shall be conducted within the limits permitted by laws and regulations.


    Penal interest shall be collected prior to the payment.


    The contract shall be recorded in both English and Japanese.

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