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While... ~ing, Remaining, Not or ever since, Keep or leave


Verb[た]+ なり + (で)+ Phrase


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About たなり・なり

When following the た, past-tense form of a verb, the conjunction particle なり 'shape' indicates something existing in an ongoing state, similar to まま. This may be translated as 'while (A)', or 'remaining (A)'.
Due to ~たなり sentences usually describing something happening while in the state of (A), it will often be followed directly by a comma, or by the conjunctive form of the auxiliary verb だ, で. After this, the (B) phrase will then describe what is happening during (A).
~たなり will primarily be used to express an undesirable state continuing despite (A) having happened, although this is not a strict rule.
  • (おとうと)彼女(かのじょ)()られて部屋(へや)(はい)たなり全然(ぜんぜん)部屋(へや)から()てこなくなってしまった。
    Ever since my brother locked himself in his room after his girlfriend broke up with him, he hasn't come out of his room at all.
  • (ちち)()りにいったなりまだ(かえ)ってこない、大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)かな...
    My father hasn't come back home since he went out fishing. I wonder if he is okay…
  • (あに)上京(じょうきょう)たなり(かえ)ってこない。
    My older brother hasn't come back, ever since he moved to Tokyo.
As ~たなり indicates that (A) is something that is continuing to stay in the same state, it will often have the nuance of 'ever since (A)' in situations where a significant amount of time has passed.
This なり derives from the noun (なり) 'shape' in its hiragana form, and is different to the なり that is used as the classic copula.




    While remaining seated, he has been pondering intently.


    She ran away three years ago in tears, and hasn't come back (ever) since.


    After the race, he cried while lying down on the grass.


    We haven't heard from her ever since she left the city.


    One of the hotel guests left the doors open.

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