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N1 Lesson 3: 3/17

~たまで + だ

Just, Merely, Simply, Only


Verb[た]+ まで(1) +



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About ~たまでだ

In comparison to ~るまでだ, the grammar pattern expressing that 'one can only but (A)', ~たまでだ works in a similar way, with the past tense of the verb indicating that 'doing (A) was all it was'. This emphasis is usually translated as 'I simply (A)', or 'I only (A)', with nuance on the action not being something especially big.
Like ~るまでだ, ~たまでだ may be replaced with ~たまでのことだ, depending on what the speaker is trying to emphasize.
  • なんで(おれ)悪者(わるもの)(あつか)いされないといけないんだ?(おれ)はただ自分(じぶん)意見(いけん)()たまでだ
    Why do I have to get blamed for this? I only expressed my opinions.
  • (ばあ)さんが(こま)った(かお)をしていたから、(たす)たまでだ
    I just helped because the old lady looked like she needed help.
  • 最近(さいきん)学校(がっこう)にも()かないし部屋(へや)からも()ないから、()たまでのことだ
    I merely asked because recently, you haven't left your room and haven't gone to school.
  • そんなお(れい)とかはやめてください、(ひと)として()たり(まえ)のことをしたまでです
    Please, don't thank me. I just did something expected as a human.
As this structure emphasizes that (A) is not a big deal, it will often be used in order to modestly highlight that one only did the bare minimum, and therefore praising them is unnecessary.
Both ~るまでだ and ~たまでだ are only used in reference to one's own personal actions, or the actions of a group they are affiliated with.
  • (かれ)(わたし)(こま)っていたから、(たす)けてくれたまでだ
    Because I looked like I was in need, he merely helped me. (Unnatural Japanese)




    A: 'Thank you very much for helping me!'
    B: 'Not at all. It was just the obvious thing.'


    Why are you angry? I merely stated my opinion.


    A: 'Wow, your Japanese is good!'
    B: 'I was merely learning it as a hobby. I still have a ways to go.'


    Since I was just requested to have a word with you, that's merely all I did, it's not like they were my thoughts.


    When I just told the truth, I was accused by my classmate of being a liar for some reason.

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