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Never cease to, Always, Sincerely, Greatly, From the bottom of one's heart

ほしくてやまない is also sometimes used


Verb[て]+ やまない


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About てやまない

~てやまない is a formal construction that combines the て-form of a verb with the negative form of the う-Verb ()む 'to cease', or 'to desist'. The literal meaning of 'to not stop (A)', or 'to not desist (A)' is often translated as 'to always (A)', or 'to (A) from the bottom of one's heart'. It is an expression that is used exclusively in relation to feelings and emotions.
  • (わたし)(あい)てやまない(いぬ)(きゅう)(からだ)(こわ)したから心配(しんぱい)でしょうがない。
    The dog that I love from the bottom of my heart got sick suddenly, so I am worried.
  • あんなことを(おや)にさせてしまって後悔(こうかい)てやまない
    I never cease to regret letting my parents do that for me.
  • 1(にち)(はや)普通(ふつう)生活(せいかつ)(もど)れる(よう)(いの)てやみません
    I will never cease to pray for them to be able to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.
Common words that may be partnered with やまない include (あい) 'love', 敬愛(けいあい) 'love and respect', (ねが)う 'to wish for', (いの)る 'to hope for', (のぞ)む 'to have ambitions for', 希望(きぼう) 'wish', 期待(きたい) 'anticipation', 尊敬(そんけい) 'respect', (しん)じる 'to trust', and several more. Either positive or negative emotions may be used.
As やまない emphasizes the continuation of something, てやまない will not be used with feelings that are temporary, such as (temporary) anger, or (temporary) disappointment.
  • 上司(じょうし)子供(こども)(つま)のことを(わる)()われて、(はら)()てやまない
    I was sincerely mad at my boss for saying such things about my wife and kids. (Unnatural Japanese)




    Dedication: 'To my wife and son, whom I will always love.' (never cease to)


    Eulogy: 'She was a person I greatly respected throughout my life both as a friend and as a human being.' (never cease to)


    Speech: 'To all who have gathered here today, I sincerely hope that you will be able to enjoy the presentation of our new product.' (never cease to)


    Article: 'Despite thousands of years passing since their construction, the incredible size and beauty of the great pyramids will never cease to capture the hearts of people.' (always・greatly)


    Novel: 'One could say that he has something that greatly fascinates people.' (never cease to)

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