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N2 Lesson 8: 1/22


Natural, As a matter of course


Verb[て]+ 当然(とうぜん) +
[い]Adjective[て]+ 当然(とうぜん) +
[な]Adjective + + 当然(とうぜん) +


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About て当然だ

当然(とうぜん) is a commonly used expression which indicates that '(A) is natural', or '(A) is a matter of course'. This is a combination of the て-form of either verbs of い-Adjectives (or で when used with nouns), the noun 当然(とうぜん) 'naturally', and だ.
  • あんな生意気(なまいき)なやつは(きら)われ当然(とうぜん)
    It is only natural that a cocky person like that is hated.
  • このスープは(おれ)(つく)ったものだから、美味(おい)しく当然(とうぜん)
    I am the one that made this soup so, of course it is delicious.
  • このビルは先月(せんげつ)()てられたばかりだから、綺麗(きれい)当然(とうぜん)
    This building was only built last month, so of course it is beautiful.
当然(とうぜん) is a fairly strong phrase, and will often be used when pointing out things that the speaker considers to be obvious facts.



    彼女(かのじょ)はみんなに迷惑(めいわく)ばかりかけているから、(きら) われて当然(とうぜん)だ。

    Because she is always causing everyone trouble, of course she is hated.


    If you eat like that, of course you will get fat.


    Because she is nice, of course she is liked.


    Because the idea is good, it is natural that it would be popular.


    Because your accent is perfect, it is natural that you would be mistaken for a native.

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て当然だ – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (2 in total)

  • benuidede


    does “Verb[ ]” mean て-form ? If so, I think there is a problem with the sentence
    Is there one too many て or is it a contraction of 出ていて ? I’m asking since there is no other example sentence that uses ていて当然だ, including on japanesetest4you

  • mrnoone



    Yes, it is contraction from ていて.

    I have added non contracted forms as alternative answers.


    I changed it to あって当然 because it sounds more natural in this case

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