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It is only natural that, It is no wonder


Verb + (1) + 当然(とうぜん)

[い]Adjective + (1) + 当然(とうぜん)

[な]Adjective + (1) + + 当然(とうぜん)

Noun + (2) + 当然(とうぜん)



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About のも当然だ

Like 当然(とうぜん), the grammar point indicating that (A) is 'natural' or 'obvious', のは当然(とうぜん) works in a similar way, and highlights that it is 'no wonder that (A)', or 'it is only natural that (A)'.
This construction will be seen following verbs and い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives and nouns that are followed by な.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)のお(かね)勝手(かって)使(つか)ったなら、クビになるのは当然(とうぜん)
    If you did use company money without permission, it's only natural that you get fired.
  • このタワーマンションは六本木(ろっぽんぎ)にあるので、家賃(やちん)(たか)のは当然(とうぜん)です
    This high-rise condo is located in Roppongi, it is only natural that the rent is expensive.
  • おばあちゃんは毎朝(まいあさ)10キロも散歩(さんぽ)しているから元気(げんき)のも当然(とうぜん)
    My grandma walks 10 kilometers every morning, so it is no wonder she is so healthy.
  • この1年間(ねんかん)全然(ぜんぜん)勉強(べんきょう)をしてこなかったから落第(らくだい)当然(とうぜん)
    I have not studied at all for the past year, so it's no wonder I flunked out.
As can be seen in several of the above examples, も may replace は, with only a slight change in nuance (も will place extra emphasis on the obviousness of the remark, according to the speaker).
Compared to 当然(とうぜん), のは当然(とうぜん) is slightly stronger, and separates the previous statement from what the speaker considers 'natural'. This is equivalent to the difference between 'being happy is natural' (slightly weaker), and 'it's natural that one would be happy' (slightly stronger) in English.




    If he was behaving in that way, it is only natural that he is poorly received by other people now.


    It is no wonder that old, withered tree has finally collapsed. It is surprising that it had been standing for such a long time as that. I am glad that no one was hurt.


    Since she got to see him after being apart for a while, it is only natural that she seems happy.


    If you put that much effort into painting, it is only natural that you would run out of paint straight away.


    It is only natural that an apron would not look good on such a muscular body.

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のも当然だ – Grammar Discussion

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  • megatron0000


    I’d like to share a reference about the difference beween 最もだ and 当然だ: JLPT N2 ~て当然だ ~て当たり前だ ~のももっともだ ~も同然だ | にほんごの里

    From what I understood, they are equivalent (right?). If the reference is accurate, consider the possibility of addding it to the readings section

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