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N1 Lesson 9: 18/20

()たら ②

For …(is the best), When it comes to, Concerning


Phrase + ときたら


    About と来(き)たら

    When used in the more literal sense, ときたら is a grammar pattern that means ‘when it comes to (A)’, or ‘concerning (A)’. It is a combination of the case-marking particle と, and ()る combined with the conjunction particle たら ‘if’, ()たら. This is not to be confused with the alternative translation of ときたら which is ‘that damned (A)’ when used for criticism.
    ときたら will attach to the end of a phrase marking what the conversation is ‘concerning’, before that topic will then be explained further. In other words, (A) will present the topic, while (B) will indicate the speaker’s first instinctive thoughts about that topic.
    • (なつ)ときたらやっぱりキンキンに()えたビールですよ!
      When it comes to summer, as expected, a cold beer is the best!
    • (さむい)()ときたら(なべ)でしょう。
      For a cold day, hot pots (is the best), don't you think?
    • パワハラときたら大問題(だいもんだい)になるのは当然(とうぜん)でしょう。
      When it comes to power harassment, of course it is going to become a huge problem.
    For the speaker, (A) is usually something that strongly makes them think of (B). However, it may just be that the relationship between (A) and (B) is a thing that the speaker is implying as obvious, or that goes without saying. Due to this, the (B) phrase often begins with やっぱり or やはり ‘sure enough’.


    • 田中(たなか)さんクビになった()いた。」

      'I heard Mr. Tanaka got fired.'
      'No wonder he would get fired when he was late every day.'

    • ドーナツときたらやっぱり牛乳(ぎゅうにゅう)でしょ

      For donuts, as expected, it's gotta be milk, right?

    • テスト毎回(まいかい)0(てん)()っているときたら(かあ)さん(おこ)らないわけがない

      When you get a zero on every test, there's no way your mother won't get angry.

    • (あつ)()ときたらやっぱり麦茶(むぎちゃ)

      For a hot day, as expected, there's nothing like barley tea, right?

    • こんなに(くも)っているときたら(あめ)()らないはずがない

      When it is so cloudy, it is impossible for it not to rain.

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