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N3 Lesson 7: 14/21


Not necessarily so, Is not always true, There is no guarantee that


Verb + (かぎ)らない
[い]Adjective + (かぎ)らない
[な]Adjective + + (かぎ)らない
Noun + + (かぎ)らない


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About とは限らない

とは(かぎ)らない is regularly used to convey the meaning of '(A) is not necessarily so', or 'there is no guarantee that (A)'. This expression utilizes the case marking particle と in its use for highlighting results, the adverbial particle は, and the negated form of the う - Verb (かぎ)る 'to limit'.
This structure may be used with verbs, い-Adjectives, な-Adjectives, or nouns. However, will be required after な-Adjectives and nouns.
  • 日本(にほん)2(ねん)(かん)()でいるからといって日本語(にほんご)(はな)せるとは(かぎ)らない
    It is not limited to a person being able to speak Japanese just because they have lived in Japan for 2 years.
  • ()()ても(あたた)かいとは(かぎ)らない
    Just because the sun is out, doesn't necessarily mean that it is warm.
  • 田舎(いなか)(しず)かだとは(かぎ)らない
    A place being rural doesn't necessarily mean that it is quiet.
  • 社長(しゃちょう)からといって()ている(くるま)高級車(こうきゅうしゃ)とは(かぎ)らない
    It is not limited to him driving a luxury car, just because he is the CEO.
(かぎ)らない literally means 'to not be bound', or 'to not be limited'. Therefore, despite と highlighting a result, that result is then being clarified as 'not the only possibility'.



  • すべての人間(にんげん)上手(じょうず)(うた)えるとは(かぎ)らない

    It is not necessarily true that everybody can sing well.

    • 毎年(まいとし)(ふゆ)(かなら)(ゆき)()とは(かぎ)らない

      It is not necessarily the case that it will snow every winter.

      • 彼女(かのじょ)が「(あい)している」と()ってくれても、離婚(りこん)しないとは(かぎ)らない

        Just because she says she loves you doesn't necessarily mean you won't get a divorce.

        • 裕福(ゆうふく)になっても、幸福(こうふく)になれるとは(かぎ)らない

          Even if you become rich, there is no guarantee that you will be happy.

          • (きみ)()ことがいつも(ただ)しいとは(かぎ)らないでしょ。

            The things you say are not necessarily always right.

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