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Even -er than, Even more than, More than anything, More than anybody, More than ever


Noun + にもまして


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About にもまして

にもまして is a structure used to imply that something has surpassed a certain point, and will be used particularly when that thing was at a consistent level in the past, but has now risen. Common translations include 'more than ever, (B)', or 'even more than (A), (B)'.
にもまして is simply a combination of the case-marking particle に, the adverbial particle も 'even', and the て-form of the う-Verb ()す 'to increase'. The に will be attached to a noun which it is marking as the comparison point from which ()す indicates an increase or growth. This means that the literal translation is simply 'even increasing from (A), (B)'.
  • 今年(ことし)去年(きょねん)にもまして湿気(しっけ)(おお)い。
    This year is even more humid than last year.
  • ちゃんと(くすり)()んで(からだ)(やす)ませたのに、昨日(きのう)にもまして腹痛(ふくつう)がひどい。
    I took the proper medication and rested my body, but my stomach ache is even worse than yesterday.
This pattern will regularly follow words like (だれ) 'who', (なに) 'what', or いつ 'when'. In these cases, (A) is just being expressed as 'anyone', 'anything', or 'ever', rather than something more specific.
  • 斎藤(さいとう)くんは(だれ)にもまして仕事(しごと)一生懸命(いっしょうけんめい)やってくれるからものすごく助かっている。
    Saito-kun works harder than anyone else, so he is very helpful.
  • このプロジェクトを成功(せいこう)させることは、(なに)にもまして大切(たいせつ)なんだ。
    Succeeding in this project is more important than anything else.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)はいつにもまして(かがや)いている。
    She is shining brighter than ever.




    In this age when large companies constantly gather data, users cannot help but pay even more attention to their privacy than before.


    Summers in Japan are known for being sultry. But the humidity is even higher than average this year.


    All of the team members are making an all-out effort, but when it comes to Hairo-san, he burns with passion even more than anyone else.


    With the informatization of the society, companies have come to be exposed to security risks even more than before.


    As a parent, even more than anything else, I wish for my children to grow up healthy.

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