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Lives up to, Truly to …’s name, Worthy of, Not dishonor, Not putting to shame, Measure to


Noun + ()ない
Noun + ()ない + Noun


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About に恥じない

When showing that something lives up to an expected standard or level of quality, the phrase ()じない will be used. This is a combination of the case-marking particle に, and the negated form of the る-Verb ()じる 'to shame'. The literal translation is 'without shaming (A)'.
This structure will follow nouns.
  • あの大学(だいがく)のバスケチームは日本一(にほんいち)という()()じない(つよ)さだ。
    That university's basketball team's strength lives up to its name of being the best in Japan.
  • 日本(にほん)代表(だいひょう)()()じないよう、ベストを()くします。
    I will do my best to live up to the name of a representative of Japan.
  • 会社(かいしゃ)()()じないよう、精一杯(せいいっぱい)頑張(がんば)ります。
    I will do my best to live up to the name of the company.
In many cases, (A) will be a word indicating an aspect of something that has come to be well known. Examples of this are () name, 名誉(めいよ) 'reputation', etc.
As ()じない has the nuance of 'not shaming (A)', or 'not damaging the reputation of (A)', it will usually only be used in positive contexts, where someone or something is being praised.




    It is a weather that lives up to the name of the Sahara desert.

    (みせ)のウェブサイト:「当店(とうてん)は80(ねん)(つちか)った信頼(しんらい)伝統(でんとう) ()じないサービスをご提供致(ていきょういた)します。」

    Shop's website: 'Our shop provides services that live up to the trust we have built over 80 years and the tradition.'

    昇格(しょうかく)する演説(えんぜつ):「ブランド(めい) ()じないよう、精一杯(せいいっぱい)(つと)めさせていただきます。」

    Being promoted speech: 'I will work as hard as I can to live up to the brand's name.'

    ホテルのウェブサイト:「5つ(ぼし)ホテルの() ()じないサービスをお客様(きゃくさま)提供(ていきょう)しております。」

    Hotel's website: 'We provide a service for our guests that lives up to the name of a five star hotel.'

    受賞(じゅしょう)演説(えんぜつ):「この(しょう) ()じないよう、これからも最善(さいぜん)()くすつもりです。」

    Receiving award speech: 'I intend to continue doing my best to live up to this award.'

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