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(Everything), From…up until..., Starting with...ending with...


(Noun (A) + から(1))+ Noun (B) + (いた)まで
(Noun (A) + から(1))+ Noun (B) + (いた)まで + + Noun (C)

(1) より


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About に至るまで

(いた)る is an う-Verb which can be roughly translated as 'to attain (A)', or 'to reach the climax of (A)'. This verb is seen in several different grammar structures that all basically highlight that some extreme or unexpected extent is being reached. When paired with に and まで, (いた)るまで is often interpreted as 'everything from (A) to (B)'.
  • このライトノベルは子供(こども)から大人(おとな)(いた)るまで幅広(はばひろ)(そう)人気(にんき)がある。
    This light novel is popular with a wide range of audiences, from children to adults.
  • 明日(あした)大阪(おおさか)から福岡(ふくおか)(いた)るまで一日中(いちにちじゅう)(あめ)()るようです。
    Apparently it is going to be raining all day tomorrow, from Osaka to Fukuoka.
  • 祖父(そふ)成人(せいじん)してから退職(たいしょく)(いた)るまで、ずっと(おな)会社(かいしゃ)(はたら)いてきた。
    My grandfather has worked for the same company, from when he became an adult until retirement.
Comparative statements such as から or より frequently come directly after (A), while (いた)るまで will come directly after (B). This marks (B) as the 'extreme' extent. Both (A) and (B) will either be nouns or noun phrases.
The 'to reach a climax' meaning of (いた)る itself can be used as an indicator that grammar points that use this verb all indicate some kind of exceptionally wide range between (A) and (B). Due to this, (いた)るまで can be thought of as simply a strong emphasis of まで by itself, which also marks an extent.




    The Japanese-style inn called 'Houshi' that is located in Ishikawa prefecture has been operating continuously for over 1300 years from 718 right up until now.


    Nishima-san held various positions, from a bartender to a president of a large company.


    Nowadays, CPUs can be found in various kinds of devices, from computers to toothbrushes, etc.


    In Asia, Chopsticks have been used to eat for a long time, from long ago to the present.


    When you are investigated by a national tax agency everything is checked, from money in your bank account to how much you spent on a bentou, Friday morning 10 years ago.

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に至るまで – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (2 in total)

  • Yuri9622


    What is the difference between Noun1 + から Noun2 + にかけて and (Noun1 + から/より) Noun2 + に至るまで?
    What’s the difference between these two phrases?

  • Fuga


    Hey @Yuri9622 !

    ~から~にかけて is used to represent an approximate range of what happened, and ~から~に至るまで is used when there is a set starting point and an ending point in what is being described. The first sentence has a nuance of ‘Samurai were active somewhere between the 12th century and the 19th century, but there were times where they weren’t as active,’ and the second sentence has the nuance of ‘Samurai were continuously active from the 12th century to the 19th century.’

    I hope that answers your question!

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