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N1 Lesson 6: 14/17


(Leaving or putting) aside, Apart


Noun + はさておき(1)
Phrase + かどうか(2) + はさておき(1)

(1) はさておいて


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About はさておき・はさておいて

はさておき is an expression which is often translated as 'leaving aside (A)', or 'apart from (A)'. It is a combination of the adverbial particle は, the conjunction さて 'now' (moving on to a new thing), and the conjunctive form of ()く 'to place', or 'to leave', ()き. The more literal 'now putting aside (A)' may also be used.
This structure will be used when (A) is a topic that the speaker would like to move away from, in order to discuss something more important.
はさておき will primarily directly follow nouns.
  • みんなの感想(かんそう)はさておき(わたし)美味(おい)しいと(おも)ったよ。
    Aside from everyone else's opinions, I thought that it was delicious.
  • そんなことはさておき仕事(しごと)をちゃちゃっと()わらせて(はや)(かえ)りましょうよ。
    That aside, let's quickly finish work and go home.
However, it is also common to see はさておき following a phrase that ends with かどうか. This can be translated as 'disregarding whether it is (A) or not, (B)', and will imply that (B) is a more appropriate topic, so (A) should be moved on from.
  • 日本語(にほんご)自信(じしん)があるかどうかはさておき一人(ひとり)()ったことのない(くに)()くのには勇気(ゆうき)がいる。
    Regardless of whether I am confident in Japanese or not, going to a country you haven't been to alone takes some courage.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)がいるかいないかはさておき普段(ふだん)から清潔(せいけつ)にしていたほうがいいと(おも)うよ。
    Regardless of whether you have a girlfriend or not, you should be hygienic.
さて may occasionally appear in either of the kanji forms (さて), or (さて). However, this is quite rare. ()く itself may also be replaced with ()く 'to set aside'.
Fun Fact
冗談(じょうだん)はさておき is a set expression that has the meaning of 'jokes aside', or 'moving on to the serious business'.
  • 冗談(じょうだん)はさておき、そろそろ会議(かいぎ)(はじ)めよう。
    Jokes aside, let's start the meeting soon.


  • それはさておき本題(ほんだい)(はい)りましょう。」

    Aside from that, let's get straight to the point.'

    • たけしさん:「たなかさん(うで)()ったと()いたんだけど・・・」

      Takeshi-san: 'I have heard that you have broken your arm...'
      Tanaka-san: 'Yeah, but don't worry. Putting unpleasant stuff aside, how is your son?'

      • ()(かい)仕事(しごと)のことだけ(はな)同僚(どうりょう)に:「仕事(しごと)(はなし)はさておき(あらた)めて乾杯(かんぱい)!」

        Drinking party, to a co-worker, that only talks about work: 'Work talk aside, cheers!'

        • (たけし)さん「じゃ、エマさん試験(しけん)合格(ごうかく)する(おも)?」

          Takeshi: 'So, what do you think, will you pass the exam?'
          Ema: 'Leaving aside whether I pass or not, I am glad that I have learned a lot.'

          • 学生(がくせい)1「そういえば()ってる?トイレのはなこさん(きゅう)校舎(こうしゃ)()ってうわさ」

            Student1: 'Speaking of which, did you know? There are rumors that Hanako-san (the spirit) of the toilet appears in the old school building.
            Student2: 'Hahahaha, who says that? Jokes aside, you should be careful around that building. It's dangerous because of its poor condition.'

            The story about a Hanako, a ghost living in a toilet which is a popular urban legend in Japan. Hanako is often used as a stereotypical ghost name in manga and anime.

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            はさておき・はさておいて – Grammar Discussion

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            • Bruinvis


              I wonder why を is not used before はさておき?

              For example in this sentence:


            • nekoyama


              The は is the particle は so を can’t go there.

            • Bruinvis


              Ah, I see. I saw the verb as はさて for some reason, but with the は as a particle, things make a lot of sense, thanks!.

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