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N2 Lesson 10: 6/21


Setting aside, Apart from


Noun + + ともかく(として)


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About はともかく

はともかく is an expression which makes use of the adverbial-particle は, and the adverb ()(かく) meaning 'to set aside', or 'at any rate'. This structure will be used when the speaker wants to change the topic from (A) to (B), or mention (B) as being something additional on top of (A).
はともかく is primarily seen following nouns in their dictionary forms. In many cases, this will be when (A) is something that the speaker thinks is not worth considering, or not worth making an issue out of when (B) is more important.
  • この料理(りょうり)()()はともかく(あじ)はとてもいい。
    Apart from the appearance of this dish, it is very delicious.
  • 家賃(やちん)(たか)いか(やす)いかはともかく東京(とうきょう)(えき)(ちか)くに()みたい。
    Setting aside whether the rent is expensive or cheap, I want to live near Tokyo station.
  • 給料(きゅうりょう)はともかく、やりがいのある仕事(しごと)がしたい。
    Setting aside the pay, I want a worthwhile job.
Fun-fact - The adverb ()(かく) is thought to have come from the Buddhist expression 兎角亀毛(とかくきもう), meaning 'horns on rabbits, fur on turtles', referring to things that do not exist. Although this particular meaning is not widely accepted as being strongly related to the modern meaning of ()(かく), some relation can be drawn between it and English phrases such as '(A) is neither here nor there' in reference to something that is non-existent, or of little importance.
  • 美人(びじん)美人(びじん)じゃないかはともかく(やさ)しくて料理(りょうり)上手(じょうず)(ひと)結婚(けっこん)をしたい。
    I want to marry someone who is kind and a good cook, whether she is beautiful or not is neither here nor there.


  • このスマホ(かたち)はともかく性能(せいのう)一線(いっせん)(きゅう)だと(おも)ってる。

    Apart from the shape of this smartphone, I think its performance is top-notch.

    • 日本語(にほんご)能力(のうりょく)試験(しけん)合格(ごうかく)したかはともかく過去(かこ)半年(はんとし)(かん)たくさんのことを(まな)んだ。

      Setting aside whether I passed the JLPT or not, I have learned a lot over the last six months.

      • 冗談(じょうだん)はともかく、そろそろビジネスの(はなし)だ。

        All jokes aside, let's get down to business.

        • この実験(じっけん)方法(ほうほう)はともかくとして結果(けっか)予想(よそう)(がい)素晴(すば)らしい。

          This experiment, setting methods aside, has unexpectedly amazing results.

          • (おこ)られた(つま):「どうしてこんな(よる)(おそ)(かえ)ってきたの?それはともかくあなた(ふく)どこなの?」

            An angered wife: 'Why are you coming home so late? Apart from that, your clothes, where are they?'

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              Yeah, I don’t really know how it comes either, but it’s probably this video if you’re still looking for it :

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              Why is this incorrect? If it’s not, please can we get a “can you say it a different way?” or something? Cheers

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              Yo @matt_in_mito !
              It is completely natural!
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