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Won't you, Would you not, Why don't we


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About ませんか

ませんか (or ないか more casually) is an expression that is used after verbs as an invitation. It basically translates to 'won't you do (A) with me?'.

This expression is a little bit different to ましょうか, in that it sounds directly like an invitation to do (A). ましょうか tends to sound more like a suggestion that (A) should be done.

It is recommended to use the ませんか version, as ないか would be a bit too casual to use with someone that you are not very close with (and is also technically not correct Japanese).

To make it clearer that the speaker wants to do (A) 'with' someone, expressions like 一緒(いっしょ) 'together' are often added, for clarification.

To examine the difference between ましょうか and ませんか, let's have a look at how the nuance changes in the same type of sentence.

Here, ませんか will come across as an invitation due to the fact that you are asking the person if they 'wouldn't mind doing (A)' with you. This is the main reason that it is considered a more polite option when inviting someone to do something, than ましょうか.




    Won't you go eat sushi (with me)?


    Won't you play soccer (with me)?


    Won't you study grammar with me?


    Won't you take a bath with me?


    Won't you go shopping (with me) on Friday?

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        @deltacat3 Hey! This just has to do with the note found on the grammar point’s Meaning page: “[Often used with 一緒に to clarify that the speaker wants to do something together].” Cheers!

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        I just wanted to say, that I believe there is a typo in the description.

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        Hey there! This seemed like a typo on our end so we have just fixed it!

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