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N5 Lesson 9: 4/13

~てもいい (Verb)

It's okay to, It's alright to, Can/may


Verb[て]+ + いい


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About Verb + てもいい

Verb + てもいい is a construction in Japanese used to express that something is 'okay', or 'alright'. It can also be used as a question to ask if you 'can', or 'may' do something.

This phrase is also regularly used without the , but is considered a bit more direct/casual. It is best to remove the only when talking to people that you know well.

This expression is simply a construction that literally means (verb) (also) いい (is good).


As this grammar point uses the form of verbs, it is important to remember that some verbs will use instead of .


  • これ()てもいい

    Is it alright if I look at this?

    • 質問(しつもん)てもいい

      May I ask a question?

      • (あつ)です(みず)()もいいです

        It's hot. Is it alright to drink some water?

        • あそこ(あそ)いいです

          You may play over there.

          • ここ(ほん)()もいいでしょう

            It is okay if I read a book here, right?

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            Verb + てもいい – Grammar Discussion

            Most Recent Replies (21 in total)

            • Unlocked


              The first example is:
              Which it says means “is it alright if I look at this?”. However, because the subject isn’t stated, could it also mean “can you look at this?” (as in asking for feedback on something or showing something off), or would that be strange?

            • ljoekelsoey


              In such a case you would say これを見てもらってもいい?which is far more natural.
              “Can i get you to look at this please?”

            • Unlocked


              Thanks! Looks like that’s all the way up in N4, so it might have been a while before I reached it normally.

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