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N3 Lesson 6: 18/24


Perhaps, Maybe, Possibly


もしかしたら(1) + Phrase +(かもしれない

(1) もしかしもしかする


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About もしかしたら

もしかしたら and its alternatives are usually treated as stand alone 副詞(ふくし) (adverbs) in Japanese that are used to present hypothetical situations, and what could happen within those situations. These expressions are a combination of the adverb ()し, the case marking particle か, and one of several combinations of する (したら, して, or すると). It is often translated as 'perhaps', 'maybe', or 'possibly'.
As with many other Japanese adverbs, it will often appear at the beginning of sentences. Due to もしかしたら presenting hypothetical situations, かもしれない will regularly appear in the same sentence (although it is not required).
  • もしかしたら()けるかもしれない
    Maybe, I will be able to go.
  • もしかして仕事(しごと)あるかもしれないから(いま)ははっきりしたこと()ない
    I may have to work, so I can't say anything for certain.
  • もしかすると、アンちゃんも()かもしれないけど(みんな)大丈夫(だいじょうぶ)
    Maybe Ann-chan might come, but are you all okay with that?
As もしかしたら is a combination of もし 'if', か (presents a question), and したら 'so happens that', the literal translation is close to 'does it so happen that', or 'should it so happen that', with past or present tense being controlled more so by the following statement.
  • もしかしたら明日(あした)(やす)かもしれない
    Perhaps I will take a day off tomorrow.
  • もしかしたら昨日(きのう)だったかもしれない
    Perhaps it could have been yesterday.




    It is possible that he is still waiting at the station.


    Maybe a famous person will come here.


    Did you perhaps already watch it? We said that we were going to watch it together!


    Next time I'll go there, so we might be able to meet.


    I might be ill...

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      もしかしたら – Grammar Discussion

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        Thank you for letting us know! I have updated the answers that throw hints/warnings to include たぶん. We will see what we can do about adding 多分 to N5 somewhere. Cheers!

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        もしかして and もしかすると are mentioned but have no example sentences.

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        It’s mostly because they are interchangeable!

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