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N1 Lesson 1: 12/17


To take advantage of

Similar to ~を言い訳に、~いい機会に


Verb + の + いいことに(して)
Noun + (なの)+ いいことに(して)
[い]Adjective + の + いいことに(して)
[な]Adjective + なの + いいことに(して)


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About をいいことに

()いことに is an expression in Japanese that may be translated as 'to take advantage of (A)', and generally refers to someone that is using (A) as a good opportunity to do something that is either immoral, or irresponsible. This construction is a combination of を, the い-Adjective ()い 'good', the noun こと 'thing', and the particle に. A more literal translation can be thought of as 'making good of (A), (B)', although the nuance is exactly the same as 'to take advantage of (A)' in English.
()いことに will be seen following verbs, nouns, い-Adjectives and な-Adjectives, but will be preceded by either の or なの in all cases, based on standard conjugation rules for の.
  • (かお)()えないの()いことにひどいことを()()(ひと)最低(さいてい)だと(おも)う。
    I think that people who write terrible things on the internet, taking advantage of anonymity, are the worst.
  • (かれ)(やさ)しいの()いことに、クラスメイトたちは(かれ)をいじめた。
    Taking advantage of his niceness, his classmates bullied him.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)美人(びじん)であるの()いことに色々(いろいろ)(おとか)からお(かね)(だま)()った。
    Taking advantage of her great looks, she swindled many men out of their money.
  • (やす)みなの()いことに友達(ともだち)一日中(いちにちじゅう)ゲームをした。
    Taking advantage of my day off, I played video games all day with my friend.
It is also quite common to see して attached to the end of ()いことに without any significant change in either meaning or strength.
  • 先生(せんせい)(みみ)(とお)いのをいいことにして、授業(じゅぎょう)(ちゅう)友達(ともだち)(はな)していた。
    Taking advantage of my teacher being hard of hearing, I was talking with my friends during class.


  • 夏休(なつやす)のうちは住人(じゅうにん)留守(るす)いいことに泥棒(どろぼう)()えるばかりだ。

    During summer vacation, taking advantage of absent residents, thefts only increase.

    • 先生(せんせい)()(わる)いいことに試験(しけん)(ちゅう)にカンニングしていた。

      Taking advantage of the teacher's bad sight, I cheated during the exam.

      • コンマンはうちの子供(こども)(おさな)いいことに(いえ)(かぎ)携帯(けいたい)詐欺(さぎ)()()げた。

        A con man took advantage of my child's young age and swindled (him) of (his) house keys and cellphone.

        • 田中(たなか)さんってば自分(じぶん)大臣(だいじん)なのいいことに(めい)(しょう)縁故(えんこ)採用(さいよう)した。

          That Tanaka-san... He took advantage of his position as a minister, and got his niece a job in ministry.

          • 記事(きじ):「この期間(きかん)(おお)くの家族(かぞく)親類(しんるい)(おとず)れる。それいいことに(から)っぽの(いえ)泥棒(どろぼう)にはいる(ひと)もいる。」

            Article: 'During this period, many families visit relatives. Some people take advantage of it and steal from empty households.'

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