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Concerning, In regard to, About, (Split) over


Noun + めぐっ(1)
Noun + めぐる + Noun

(1) めぐ


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About を巡って

One of the more indirect ways that 'to be concerning (A)' is conveyed in Japanese is through the pairing of a noun with the case marking particle を and the う-Verb (めぐ)る 'to go around' in either its て-form, or standard form when paired with a second noun.
This grammar point can be translated as 'concerning (A)', 'in regard to (A)', or 'about (A)'. However, following the most natural translation, we can see that 'to go around the topic of (A)', or 'encompassing (A)' are also acceptable.
  • 隣人(りんじん)土地(とち)境界線(きょうかいせん)(めぐ)ってトラブルが()きた(とき)(だれ)連絡(れんらく)するべきですか?
    Who should I contact if I have a problem with my neighbor concerning my property line?
  • この(しま)(めぐ)(あらそ)いは(わたし)()まれる(まえ)から(つづ)いています。
    The conflict concerning this island has been going on since before I was born.
  • ゴミ()しルール(めぐ)ってのトラブルはどの地域(ちいき)でも(めずら)しいことではありません。
    No matter the community, conflicts concerning garbage disposal rules are not uncommon.
Caution - In addition to being quite formal, (めぐ)って keeps the 'around the topic of (A)' nuance that comes from the stem verb. This means that rather than expressing one opinion, it takes into consideration many different viewpoints, and is frequently used when there is a disagreement or dispute about (A).
  • (かず)(かぎ)られている限定(げんてい)商品(しょうひん)(めぐ)って客様(きゃくさま)同士(どうし)()()いになってしまった。
    Customers argued with each other over a limited number of limited edition products.
  • 税金(ぜいきん)使(つか)(かた)(めぐ)議論(ぎろん)から、内戦(ないせん)(はじ)まってしまった。
    A debate over the use of taxes has led to a civil war.
Because of this, it can sound quite unnatural to use (めぐ)って if the topic of (A) is simply a personal opinion.




    There was a heated debate today over whether the parliament should raise taxes or leave them as they are.


    The negotiations between the United States and the European Union in regard to a trade agreement began in Switzerland today.


    As time passed, various disputes arose concerning the location of the hidden treasure of the pirate king.


    Opinions are divided over the excessive consumption of salt.


    Every year there is a contest to see who will be in charge in regards to the popular instrument.

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を巡って – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (4 in total)

  • Fabniam


    I have some sentences with めぐって followed by の〇〇。

    For example:

    I understand it that 巡って should modify 見解, but why is the て Form used here instead of the 連体形?

  • Asher


    It is grammatically correct, just has a different nuance. The に particle in について implies that what comes before it is the whole topic of conversation, while を in をめぐって implies that the conversation revolves around it, but different ideas etc are being brought up.

  • Asher


    Many て form structures can also be seen as ての. The difference is that 連体形 links it explicitly to the following noun, while ての focuses more on how it is acting in relation to what comes before it.

    For example -

    A method related opinion.

    An opinion that relates to methods.

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