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Noun + (じょう)


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Attaching to nouns, (じょう) is a suffix that highlights when something is being presented 'from the standpoint of (A)'. The 'standpoint' that (じょう) will indicate is usually a specific field or area of concern. The (B) part of the sentence will then go on to describe what exactly is being considered from that standpoint.
  • 法律(ほうりつ)(じょう)伊勢海老(いせえび)許可(きょか)なく()()げて()って(かえ)ることが禁止(きんし)されている。
    From a legal standpoint, it is prohibited to fish for lobsters and bring them home without a permit.
  • 規則(きそく)(じょう)生徒(せいと)(かみ)()めてはいけないのに、(かみ)()めている生徒(せいと)複数(ふくすう)います。
    From the standpoint of the rules, it is prohibited for the students to dye their hair, but there are a few students that have dyed hair.
(じょう) is fairly formal, and can be interpreted similarly to に(かん)して 'in connection to', in that it is just expressing that (B) is being discussed in relation to (A).
As (じょう) will be used with matters of concern, it is very frequently seen with words that express broad fields, such as work '仕事(しごと)', 'education' 教育(きょういく), 'history' 歴史(れきし), 'health' 健康(けんこう), 'experience' 経験(けいけん), 'the law' 法律(ほうりつ), and other similar things.
Caution - Despite expressing standpoints, (じょう) cannot be used to indicate an individual person's point of view. Because of this, it cannot be used as a suffix for names of people or organizations that something is being considered from.
  • 鈴木(すずき)(じょう)会社(かいしゃ)Aが会社(かいしゃ)Bに買収(ばいしゅう)される(こと)はいい(こと)だと(おも)っている。
    From the standpoint of Suzuki, he thinks that company A being bought by company B is a good thing. (Unnatural Japanese)




    From a legal standpoint, schools must not leak personal information.


    From a budget standpoint, I have no choice but to deny that request.


    From the standpoint of the rules, this apartment prohibits pets.


    That is a discussion that will only ever be viewed from the standpoint of forecasting. In practice, it wouldn't go that easily.


    From that (situation's) standpoint, I made that sort of remark, but personally I'm not in the mood to quarrel at all.

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