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Judging from, Considering


Noun + からする
Noun + からすれ


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About からすると・からすれば

からすると is an expression combining the conjunction particle から 'from', する 'to do', and either of the hypothetical markers と or ば. It may be translated as 'judging from (A), (B)', or 'considering (A), (B)'. However, the way that する behaves in these types of sentences is quite comparable to expressions like 'going off' in English, in that it just indicates that (A) is the basis from which the speaker is about to make their judgment.
からすると or からすれば will be seen following nouns, before the (B) part of the sentence will highlight the speaker's assessment of (A).
  • この成績(せいせき)からすると、あなたは全然(ぜんぜん)勉強(べんきょう)をしていないでしょう?
    Judging from these grades, you didn't study at all, did you?
  • この(あま)からすると(しお)間違(まちが)えて砂糖(さとう)()れてしまったに(ちが)いない。
    Judging from how sweet this is, they must've mistakenly added sugar instead of salt.
  • 日本(にほん)(そだ)ちの(わたし)からすれば、これは寿司(すし)ではない。
    Going off being a person raised in Japan, this is not sushi.
  • 彼女(かのじょ)反応(はんのう)からすると本当(ほんとう)(おどろ)いているようだ。
    Going off her reaction, it seems like she is genuinely surprised.
Fun-fact - In almost all cases that する is paired with a hypothetical structure like と, ば, or たら, it indicates that the speaker is 'going with' the assumption of (A) being true, before further expressing what applies based on that assumption.



  • あなた()っていることからすると(かれ)そこにいなかったようですね。

    Judging from what you are saying, it seems that he wasn't there right?

    • 歴史(れきし)からすると京都(きょうと)首都(しゅと)でした

      Judging from history, Kyoto was once the capital.

      • (あし)(はや)からすると(かれ)はプロ選手(せんしゅ)になれるだろう。

        Considering how fast he is, he can probably become a professional athlete.

        • あのアクセントからする(かれ)日本人(にほんじん)ではないようです。

          Judging from his accent, it appears that he is not Japanese.

          • あの()さばきからするあの(ひと)編物(あみもの)のプロに(ちが)ない。

            Judging from that handiwork, there is no doubt that that person is a knitting pro.

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            からすると・からすれば – Grammar Discussion

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            • Yryrdz


              It’s not done in the example sentences, but if you do something like ”私からすれば”, does it mean “judging from me” or does it take on a nuance of “from my point of view?”

            • Fuga


              Hey @Yryrdz ! 私からすれば has the nuance of ‘from my point of view’ or ‘Personally, I…’

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