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N1 Lesson 10: 17/22


Before, Not even, Before even, Precede, Far from


Noun(1) + 以前(いぜん)(に)
Noun(1) (A) + 以前(いぜん) + + Noun (B)

(1) A(2) + (Antonym) A(2), Verb (A) + Verb (A)[ない](2)
(2) [な]Adjective、[い]Adjective


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About 以前

When used as a suffix, the noun 以前(いぜん) ‘preceding’, or ‘prior to’ will indicate that a topic is being brought forward as not even fulfilling the minimum requirements of (A), and therefore is expected to be reached before that minimum. Often, this will come across as ‘before even (A)’ in English, and is used to criticize something that is thoughtless or irresponsible.
以前(いぜん) will appear directly after another nouns, the dictionary form of verbs, い-Adjectives, or な-Adjectives. In most cases, 以前(いぜん) will be followed by either the case-marking particle に or の, depending on whether it is being linked to a subsequent verb or noun.
  • (ひと)のことを心配(しんぱい)する以前(いぜん)自分(じぶん)心配(しんぱい)をしろ!
    Before worrying about others, worry about yourself!
  • それは(ふる)いか(あたら)しいか以前(いぜん)問題(もんだい)だと(おも)う。
    I think that is a problem before worrying about whether it is new or old.
  • 安全(あんぜん)危険(きけん)以前(いぜん)、それは法律(ほうりつ)(きん)じられているので(ため)すこともできません。
    Before whether it is safe or dangerous, that is forbidden by law, so you will not even be able to try it.
  • (まえ)結婚(けっこん)できないのは(かお)以前(いぜん)問題(もんだい)だよ。お(まえ)性格(せいかく)(わる)すぎる。
    Your face is far from the reason you cannot get married. You have a bad personality.
The word 以前(いぜん) itself is usually reserved for highlighting larger distances in the past than (まえ) ‘before’ by itself, and can therefore simply be thought of as an emphatic version of (まえ). This emphasis is often what gives rise to the tone of criticism. As it is stating that ‘way before (A), (B)’, or ‘long before you even think of (A), (B)’.




    When it comes to littering, before even the law, it is a moral issue.


    He believes that he is not popular with girls due to his bad fashion sense. While that is true, preceding even that, he has issues with his personality.


    Before whether she believes it or not, there is a more fundamental issue. To start, I must somehow convey this to her.


    There are even people who say 'I don't like brocolli', without having eaten it. Before being nitpicky, what's important is to try it. Upon eating it, then feel free to be fussy.


    Preceding the performance issue, it is necessary to equip it with basic functionality.

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