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That, To


Verb + + Noun
[い]Adjective + + Noun
[な]Adjective + () + + Noun
Noun + () + + Noun


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About との

との is a compound particle made up of the case-marking particle と in its quotation use, and the case-marking particle の. Effectively, this marks the previous statement as a quote, before の then indicates that the whole statement is an attribute of the following word. In many cases, this will simply be translated as ‘that’, or ‘to’.
As always with the quotation use of と, it will appear after almost any word, and may or may not be separated from nouns and な-Adjectives with だ.
  • この周辺(しゅうへん)誘拐(ゆうかい)事件(じけん)()きたとの放送(ほうそう)があったが、犯人(はんにん)特徴(とくちょう)については放送(ほうそう)されなかった。
    There was an announcement that there was a kidnapping in this area, but the description of the culprit was not mentioned.
  • この(みせ)はほかの店舗(てんぽ)(くら)べてきたないとのクレームが何件(なんけん)()せられているがどうなってるんだい。
    There was a complaint that this store is dirty compared to the other store, would you mind explaining?
  • 本部(ほんぶ)からこの喫茶店(きっさてん)接客(せっきゃく)(ざつ)との報告(ほうこく)()けました。
    We have received a report from headquarters, saying that the customer service at this cafe is sloppy.
  • ここの先生(せんせい)はヤブ医者(いしゃ)との(うわさ)最近(さいきん)()くけど本当(ほんとう)なのだろうか。
    Recently I have been hearing rumors that he is an unskilled doctor, but I wonder how true that is.
  • あの(きゃく)はクレーマーだとの指摘(してき)先輩(せんぱい)から()けたので、あのお(きゃく)さんを接客(せっきゃく)するときはいつもより丁寧(ていねい)接客(せっきゃく)するつもりだ。
    My senpai told me that that customer makes a lot of complaints, so I am planning to be extra polite when interacting with them.
This expression indicates that the preceding information is information of some type, and will therefore usually be followed by a noun that highlights what type of communication it was. Common examples include 提案(ていあん) ‘proposal’, ()らせ ’notice’, 意向(いこう) ‘inclination’, 依頼(いらい) ‘request’, 見方(みかた) ‘point of view’, 指摘(してき) ‘pointing out’, 報告(ほうこく) ‘report’, etc.




    Many economists maintain the opinion that business conditions are in the process of recovering.


    The government officials stressed that their intention was to promote the popularization of electric vehicles.


    Mr. Tanaka made clear his view that the new antitrust law is full of loopholes.


    The biography of a detective: 'In 2002, he received a request to find a runaway man that went to South Africa.'


    That day there was also a report that an avalanche had occurred, but it was not clear whether any injured people had appeared.

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