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N2 Lesson 5: 2/18


Since, Henceforth

Cannot be used with recent events


Verb[て]+ 以来(いらい)
Noun + 以来(いらい)
それ(1) + 以来(いらい)

(1) これあれ


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About 以来

When the noun, 以来(いらい) 'ever since' is paired with the て-form of verbs, or with nouns, it indicates that (B) is something that has continued non-stop since (A), or will continue non-stop from (A). This may be interpreted as 'since (A)', 'henceforth', or 'ever since (A)'.
  • 2(ねん)(まえ)にタバコをやめて以来(いらい)一本(いっぽん)()ってない。
    I haven't smoked a single cigarette ever since I quit 2 years ago.
  • 日本(にほん)()以来(いらい)全然(ぜんぜん)母国(ぼこく)友達(ともだち)連絡(れんらく)をとっていない。
    I haven't kept in touch with my friends back home ever since I moved to Japan.
  • (ひさ)しぶり!卒業(そつぎょう)以来(いらい)じゃない?
    Long time no see! (We haven't met) since graduation, right?
  • 入社(にゅうしゃ)以来(いらい)、あの先輩(せんぱい)には色々(いろいろ)とお世話(せわ)になっている。
    That senpai has helped me in many ways since I've joined the company.
The key point of 以来(いらい) is that it indicates an ongoing state. Due to this, it focuses on (B) being something that will continue non-stop until a change is caused externally.
Caution - Occasionally, 以来(いらい) may also be used to express a specific number of (B) that has occurred since (A). While this use is closer to 'since', it still just indicates that 'in total', (B) has occurred 'ever since (A)'. This will place a stronger emphasis on the amount of (B) being shocking in some way than a simpler structure like から.
  • 海外(かいがい)転職(てんしょく)して以来(いらい)、5(ねん)日本(にほん)(かえ)っていない。
    I have not been back to Japan for five years since I changed jobs overseas.
  • 去年(きょねん)この大学(だいがく)入学(にゅうがく)して以来(いらい)、1(かい)しか実家(じっか)(かえ)っていない。
    I have only been back to my parents' house once since I entered university last year.




    Since I began studying Japanese 8 years ago, I study hard every day.


    My father retired three years ago. Since then he has a lot of free time.


    Since my brother emigrated, I haven't been able to contact him.


    Taxes keep on rising since Mr. Camacho assumed the office of prime minister.


    Since closing my business, the prospect of reopening hasn't come up.

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