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As a result of


Verb[た]+ 結果(けっか) + Phrase
Noun + + 結果(けっか) + Phrase


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About 結果・の結果

結果(けっか) 'result' is a noun in Japanese that is often seen paired with the past form of verbs, or with nouns followed by の. This grammar structure can be translated as 'as a result of (A), (B)', and simply indicates (A) as being the cause for how something ended up.
  • (さけ)()んで運転(うんてん)した結果(けっか)電柱(でんちゅう)にぶつかって免許(めんきょ)()()された。
    As a result of drinking and driving, I drove into a telephone pole and my license was revoked.
  • みんなが努力(どりょく)した結果(けっか)大会(たいかい)優勝(ゆうしょう)することができた。
    As a result of everyone doing their best, we were able to win the competition.
  • (はな)()結果(けっか)(おや)学費(がくひ)(はら)ってくれることになりました。
    As a result of the discussion, it has been decided that my parents are going to pay my tuition.
  • 調査(ちょうさ)結果(けっか)、この土地(とち)(つち)汚染(おせん)されていることが確認(かくにん)できました。
    As a result of the examination, we were able to confirm that the soil on this property is contaminated.
Caution - Unlike あげく, a similar grammar point that is used for highlighting causes, 結果(けっか) may highlight both positive and negative results, while あげく tends to only be used when the outcome is negative.
  • 仕事(しごと)頑張(がんば)った結果(けっか)昇進(しょうしん)する(こと)()まった。
    As a result of my hard work, I'm getting promoted.
  • パートナーと(はな)()いをした挙句(あげく)離婚(りこん)することになった。
    After having a discussion with my partner, we have decided to get divorced.




    As a result of public opposition, the tax increase proposal was abandoned.


    As a result of research, new particles were discovered.


    As a result of discussion with family, I decided to live alone.


    As a result of the investigation, the suspect has been found not guilty.


    As a result of putting off homework until late, it took me until dawn of the day it was due to finish.

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