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N3 Lesson 9: 6/22


To do something completely to the end, Utterly, Resolutely


Verb[ます+ ()


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About 切る

Another verb that is often seen used after the conjunctive form of other verbs is the う - Verb () 'to cut'. () will give the (A) verb the nuance of being done 'to completion'. However, the 'completion' that is being conveyed with () is usually caused by the running out of some kind of resource, like energy. Due to this, () is often translated as 'to do (A) to the point of being unable to continue' (or not needing to continue), or 'to totally and utterly do (A)'.
  • 自分(じぶん)全部(ぜんぶ)使(つか)()まで、(あたら)しいの()わない
    Personally, I don't buy new ones until I use everything up.
  • 今日(きょう)はライトノベル2(さつ)()()った
    I finished reading 2 light novels today.
  • 水筒(すいとう)(みず)()()ったまだのど(かわ)ている
    I finished drinking the water in my bottle, but am still thirsty.
Occasionally, () may also be used to show that (A) is being done at 'full pelt', 'full steam', or 'full capacity'. In these cases, it is similar to 'to resolutely do (A)', and just means that 100% effort is being put into the action.
  • このカーブはスピード()とさずに走り()重要(じゅうよう)
    At this curve, it is important to drive at full pelt without slowing down.
  • 今回(こんかい)大会(たいかい)全力(ぜんりょく)()()ことができ()かったです
    I am happy that I was able to do the best that I can do at this tournament. (Full capacity of power)


  • 先週末(せんしゅうまつ)三冊(さんさつ)のマンガを()()った

    I finished reading three manga last weekend.

  • 給料(きゅうりょう)をもらった()使(つか)()ってしまった。

    I completely used up my entire paycheck the day I got it.

  • (つか)()っていたから、(わたし)()わりに(あに)(かあ)さん(むか)えに()かせた。

    Because I was completely worn out, I had my brother go pick up my mother in my place.

  • 使(つか)()ってから(つぎ)のジャムを()って

    Buy another jar of jam after you use one up completely.

  • (かれ)はウィスキー(みず)のように一気(いっき)一本(いっぽん)()()った

    He completely drank an entire bottle of whiskey like it was water.

    一気に means 'in one gulp' or 'at once' here.

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切る – Grammar Discussion

Most Recent Replies (4 in total)

  • Pushindawood


    Nice spot! All fixed. Cheers!

  • ggw1776


    I’m getting this confused with ~てしまう, particularly with something like this. Any advice?

  • Daru


    しまう has two main nuances: ‘Accidentally’ and ‘Completely’. More often than not, you’ll find that they’re almost interchangeable.

    In this particular sentence, it’s combining both きる and しまう to make the ‘utterly’ nuance, since it’s something like ‘absolutely finished’. Hope this helps!

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