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Feel like ~, Spirit


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About 気

When used after verbs, () often indicates either the will or desire to do that particular action. This use of () is often interpreted as 'to feel like doing (A)' in English. More literally, () may be translated as 'mind', as is similar to the way phrases like 'to have half a mind to (A)' in English, indicating that something is either positively or negatively drawing the speaker's attention toward doing (or avoiding) the action of (A).
  • 風呂(ふろ)でゆっくりしていたら、勉強(べんきょう)をする()がなくなった。
    I lost my motivation (spirit) to study, when I was relaxing in the bath.
  • よーし、やる()()てきたぞ!
    Alright! I am starting to get motivated!
  • やばい、明日(あした)までに()わる()がしない。
    Shoot, I don't feel like I can finish this by tomorrow.
As () itself is a noun expressing the 'mind' or 'intention' to do (A), it may be followed by a variety of different verbs indicating an array of slightly unique nuances. Common patterns are ()がある 'to have the feeling of (A)', ()がない 'to not have the feeling of (A)', ()がする 'to feel like (A)', ()がしない 'to not feel like (A)', ()()る 'for the feeling of (A) to come about', and ()()ない 'for the feeling of (A) to not come about'.



  • (だれ)かに()られている()する

    I feel like I am being watched by someone.

    • (なに)やる()()きない。

      I can't muster any motivation (spirit). (Feel like doing)

      • 応援(おうえん)されて、やる()()た。

        I was cheered on and found motivation (spirit). (Feel like doing)

        • (ぼく)実力(じつりょく)では勝負(しょうぶ)にならない()する

          I feel like it wouldn't be a contest with my real strength.

          • 結局(けっきょく)賞金(しょうきん)はもらえないような()がします。

            I feel like I won't receive the prize money after all.

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