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At once, Immediately, As soon as


(ただ)ちに + Phrase


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About 直ちに

The adverb (ただ)ちに is commonly used in Japanese to convey that something is happening 'immediately', or 'at once'. Like many adverbs, it will regularly appear at the beginning of a sentence.
  • (ただ)ちに避難所(ひなんじょ)()かってください
    Please head to the evacuation point immediately.
  • この(やま)から (ただ)ちに()()ってください。ここ私有地(しゆうち)です
    Please leave this mountain at once. This is private property.
  • 地震(じしん)()きたら (ただ)ちに(いえ)()てください
    If an earthquake occurs, please leave the house immediately.
Fun Fact
Coming from the kanji (じき), meaning 'direct', (ただ)ちに often carries the nuance that something is done 'directly' (and purposely). This is usually after something happens, or after something is completed. To indicate things that happen immediately, but not intentionally, (たちま)ち may be used.
  • 計画(けいかく)()わったら (ただ)ちに報告(ほうこく)てください。 (Intentional)
    If the plan changes, please notify me immediately.
  • このファッションは(たちま)世界(せかい)(ひろ)まった。 (Unintentional)
    This fashion spread around the world immediately.




    The effect will not become immediately apparent.


    I must find a stable job at once.


    The deadline is swiftly approaching. Please print it at once.


    Please move your car immediately. This is a no parking zone.


    The judgment won't be given immediately. The trial might take several years.

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