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N4 Lesson 7: 6/18

ないで (Casual Request)

(Please) do not (for me), Casual request




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About Verb[ないで]

ないでください is a polite way to express 'please don't do (A)'. However, such politeness is often not required, like in conversations between close friends. In these cases, ないで by itself may be used for the same purpose. Although grammatically the same as the ないで with the meaning of 'without doing (A), (B)', rather having a part (A) and a part (B) to the sentence, this ないで acts more like a simple statement.
ないで combines the auxiliary verb ない, with the case marking particle, . To use this structure, simply attach it to the negative stem of the verb that you wish to request someone not to do. The sentence itself usually finishes with ないで.
  • 先生(せんせい):「そこの生徒(せいと)授業中(じゅぎょうちゅう)()ないで!」
    Teacher: 'The student there, please don't sleep during class!'
  • (はは)(むすめ)に:「()らない(ひと)についていかないで約束(やくそく)よ。」
    Mother to her daughter: 'Please don't go with people you don't know! That's a promise.'
  • (つま)(おっと)に:「貯金(ちょきん)をしたいから、無駄(むだ)(もの)にお(かね)使(つか)ないで。」
    Wife to her husband: 'I want to save up, so please don't use money recklessly.'




    Elder sister speaking to her younger brother: 'I am asking you, so (please) don't tell our parents.'


    Mother speaking to her child: 'Since dad is still sleeping, (please) don't talk loudly.'


    Mother speaking to her child: 'You are a good child, so (please) don't cry, okay? '


    Before going to bed, (please) don't do things like use your phone or eat candy.


    (Please) don't ride a rollercoaster after eating.

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