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Over there


Place separated from both the speaker and the listener


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About あそこ

Like ここ and そこ, あそこ is a word that is used to identify a place in Japanese. The place that あそこ will be used to identify is somewhere that is separated from both the speaker and the listener. This translates roughly to 'that place over there' in English. あそこ can be used to identify both physical locations, and emotional ones.

In the same way that あれ can be used to point back to something that was mentioned previously, あそこ can be used to point back to a place that was mentioned previously. However, unlike それ or そこ, あれ and あそこ will only be used this way when both the speaker and listener have intimate knowledge of the topic.


あそこ should not be confused with あっち, a similar word which is also sometimes translated as 'over there'. あっち focuses more on the direction that one is/is going, while あそこ focuses purely on 'that place'.


  • あそこいい

    That place over there is good.

  • あそこ(たの)しい

    That place over there is also fun.

  • そこあそこ

    That place and that place over there.

  • あそこ(ひろ)

    That place over there is spacious.

  • あそこ(みせ)

    The store over there.

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あそこ – Grammar Discussion

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  • laurence


    I have been doing the grammar exercises and am unsure what the difference between あそこの店 (that shop over there) and あの店 (I think also translated as that hope over there)? Although maybe they are effectively the same!

  • s1212z


    We were having a similar discussion the other day on the この if you want to read:

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