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Although uncommon, its kanji can be seen as 其れ


Demonstrative noun


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  • 品詞


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Rare Kanji


About それ

Just like これ, それ is considered to be a pronoun in Japanese (more accurately it is a substitute noun). それ translates roughly to 'that' and highlights something that is closer to the listener (physically or emotionally) than the speaker.
  • それ
    It is that! (That's it!)
  • それ大変(たいへん)
    That's tough.
In these sentences, we can see それ highlighting things that the speaker is identifying as being closer to the listener, or about the listener.
それ is also used to point back to things that have been mentioned previously in the conversation. This can be something that was said earlier within the same sentence, or something that someone else said.
  • それ(たか)い?
    Is that expensive too? (About something mentioned earlier)
  • それ。。。
    That's hmmm.... (About something mentioned earlier)


  • それです

    It's that.

  • それエアコンです

    That is also an air conditioner.

    Previously mentioned noun, or a noun near the listener.

  • それ(ほん)です

    That is a book.

  • それ(ほん)です

    That is also a book.

  • それ(みず)です

    That is water.

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